January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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In TANAP you will also find a charger for mobile phones, which Telekom has installed there

Telekom continues its summer campaign, inviting customers to discover the beauty of Slovakia. Give them the operator infinite data Free, I prepared a podcast, who repels bears, and has recently come up with a jungle charger.

Telekom, in collaboration with Mountain Rescue Service and Tatra National Park, has converted one of the signage signs into a solar-powered charger that can wirelessly charge up to four cell phones simultaneously. Tourists put the phone in their designated place, rest for a while, and can safely continue the trip with a charged mobile phone.

There is a sign with an integrated solar charging station near Rainerova chata in the Tatras. The canopy-mounted solar panels can be supplemented with a battery located inside the canopy. Telecom explained that thanks to this, the solar charger can charge mobile phones even in bad weather.

Photo: Telekom / YouTube

Some may argue that the technology does not belong to the pristine nature of the Tatra National Park. However, the fact is that the smartphone has become a kind of mandatory equipment for tourists traveling in nature. In addition to photographing landscapes, they help with navigation and, last but not least, to seek help in the event of an accident.

An experienced tourist knows how to behave and orient himself in the field without using a mobile phone. However, it is an irreplaceable fuse, and it is useless if it runs out.

“Mobile is one of nature’s most useful tools for tourists. It helps them find the right path and allows them to ask for help when they need it most. This is why it is important that it is sufficiently charged.” explained Petra Novotna, Director of Marketing Communications from Swiss Telekom.

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“We are pleased that the Mountain Rescue Service and TANAP accepted our idea with open arms and that Forest Charger, thanks to their cooperation, can now truly help hundreds of tourists,” She added.

In the next video, you can see what the Forest Charger looks like.