December 7, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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In support of global communication

Politics is not just a possible art. In the current era of global technical information culture, the art of dialogue is increasingly becoming. Or, as Richard Rorty said, “The Art of Conversation.” Dialogue and conversation have their rules, and one of the basics is the “Art of Listening” about which Erich Fromm wrote. Finally, John Dewey added his “philosophy of intelligent communication” as a key tool for resolving political disputes, contradictions, disputes, or misunderstandings.

Nowadays, the technological tool for global communication is electronic media, which has replaced the classic (print) media. They entered our lives like a hurricane that destroyed everything that was here before. It is characterized by lightning speed and global availability, thanks to which everyone can find out everything and everything in a few minutes and anywhere in the world. This power of the media in influencing the thinking, actions and lives of “the masses” is also unparalleled and does not at all correspond to the seemingly naive motto of the founder of Facebook: “So that people can talk to each other.” Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) was ) is someone who predicted this long before the media came to power.

One of the main problems is people who control electronic media (and the so-called social networks) as a tool for profit and livelihood (doing business in this field and on the Internet has become a major area of ​​business). At the same time, the problem that this tool serves and can serve is a problem. The struggle for power (but also the struggle for survival and existence) has spread to the media, and whoever wins here wins not only in business, but also in politics, and even in many other areas of life. The vast majority of people today follow what they pick up in the media. And either without reflection and critical judgment, or then only in the media that they have “certified” them as their own and only “real”. Ignore the other media.

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However, the media world is so divided and disparate, it has even become an almost confusing “jungle,” where it is much more difficult to orient ourselves than our ancestors to the original natural jungle. The dimensions of this forest are growing and deepening by the minute as technologies evolve and become available. Thanks to this, it is possible to publish anything in the media space, including any conversation, lies, personal attack, filth, slander, stumbling block or notorious conspiracy. In fact, this is what many media rely on: sensations, intimidation or direct filtering by the media of anyone who appears to them differently, with a different opinion, a different way of thinking or life, etc. It is an absolute illusion to think that there are “unbiased” or “neutral”, that is, “objective” media. Every medium prevents something, promotes something, promotes something, etc. It is only about what and for the benefit of whom. In a free society, this is analogous to the free market analogy. Media freedom is a good thing, another thing is the culture and ethics of the media, and even the politics of the media and across the media. And values ​​are absolutely essential.

However, there is one area that has to work with the media, and therefore with values ​​fundamentally different from other areas (including politics and the media themselves). It is the field of intellectual culture that includes science, philosophy, art, and related fields. At the very least, these areas must know what the media is, must criticize it and cannot automatically be subject to everything that happens in the media just because media freedom applies and today’s media have such “power”. After all, someone has to confront this force with his or her level of intellectual quality, moral quality, and personal and corporate responsibility. Who, if not critical intellectuals, has and can see the phenomenon of the media and its “stomach” power? Who else has preconditions that cannot be manipulated? I hope everyone adopts this attitude towards the media, starting with the politicians and ending with the citizens!

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A conversation about values ​​is needed today more than ever. Not confrontational, but intelligent and emotional. open and direct. There is no need to search for “objective” or “objective values” that do not exist. All values ​​are only human values, created and supported by certain people. These values ​​can be basically twofold: humane and anti-human, meaning the values ​​that are on the side of humanity and humanity, or the values ​​that contradict them. Either positive values ​​that support humanity and humanity in its development, or negative values ​​that you trample on. Of course, everyone has the right to choose and choose his own values ​​that are close to him and which he will promote and defend. However, it comes down to the means and ways you will do it, and these can also be twofold in principle: smart or unintelligent. The first includes respecting those who profess other values, as well as seeking open dialogue with them. The latter includes everything from discrediting the “opponent” to criminalizing him to the joy of liquidating him, which serves the “victory” of the values ​​of one party at the expense of the other or at the expense of others. The value of “imperialism” is an absurdity that always leads in the end to the denial of any values. Especially the humanity.

Perhaps there are no universal values, i.e. values ​​that all people agree on. However, there is a natural value to pluralism and humanism as a valuable principle that this pluralism can respect and build upon. Free, intelligent and evolving dialogue about values ​​is also key to overcoming global political differences and differences.

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