January 27, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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In practice, gas is already a transitional fuel.  And I say it in a practical way

In practice, gas is already a transitional fuel. And I say it in a practical way

How does the third wave of the epidemic affect the CAP?

We are aware of what is happening in society, and we are not happy with it. The main challenge for us is ensuring a safe environment for our employees and reliable customer service, despite all the limitations. We are doing well so far. We also do not expect this situation to have any financial impact on the company’s finances. Internally, the SPP, for example with the introduction of work from home, measures that bypass legal obligations or simplify internal processes, operates in the same way as other reputable companies.

Has the solvency of customers changed in any way?

We do not record any direct impact on the solvency of clients. The question would rather be the effect of higher energy prices on their business or the needs they use to purchase goods, but that will likely tell when they adapt. We are somewhat reassured by the fact that most companies operate on a commodity system with respect to their sales products and prices for raw materials are rising in general, and not just in Europe. So I think their margin might be a little smaller, but still maintained. This will be enough guarantee to generate payment sentiment.

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