January 28, 2022

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In Portugal, a large wildfire is raging in Algarve

About 600 Portuguese firefighters rallied on Tuesday, August 17, to overcome a two-day fire in the tourist area of ​​Algarve in the south of the country, before being surrounded by civil defense.

As always “Active”, But reported “In Resolution” In the afternoon, the fire burned at least 9,000 hectares of forest, orchards and brush, causing minor injuries among firefighters. Eighty-one people were evacuated from a dozen villages, according to a report set up in the middle of the day by emergency services.

The most significant eruption of this summer was reported Sunday night to Monday night, in the municipality of Castro Marim, in the interior of Algarve, near the Spanish border.

After being given a roundabout for the first time, it caught fire on Monday evening and progressed steadily. “Exaggeration” Tavira and Vila towards the municipalities of Real de Santo Antonio, described Tuesday, by the Commander-in-Chief of the Regional Civil Defense, Richard Marks. According to local media, several agricultural and residential buildings located in the hills covered with gardens and brushes were damaged in the fire.

On August 17, aides tried to put out a fire near Tavira in southern Portugal.
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Fire alarm extension

Due to the force of the wind, flames fell from the hills towards the coast, disrupting traffic for several hours on the highway passing east to west.

Lisbon, which has been experiencing warmer temperatures than optimal for the wildfires that Portugal has been experiencing since Friday, has extended the fire alarm that was in effect in most areas until Wednesday evening.

In neighboring Spain, a fire continues Saturday in Navalcruz, near Avila (Midwest). “Active” To “Danger Level 2”, But its evolution is now described “Positive”, According to officials in the Castile and Lyon region. The wildfire, which mobilized thousands of rescuers and several air resources, destroyed at least 12,000 hectares and led to the evacuation of nearly a thousand people this weekend.

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Like dozens of other medium-sized fires, it is the result of heat waves that have been blowing in Spain since Wednesday, with unusually high temperatures of 47.4 degrees Celsius being recorded in Andalusia on Saturday, the National Meteorological Agency said.

As in recent weeks, fires have been on the rise across the planet Greece, Turkey Etc. Algeria, Is associated with various phenomena expected by scientists due to global warming. The deadliest wildfire in its history, which killed more than 100 people, struck in 2017, and Portugal has so far enjoyed a relatively quiet summer on fire.

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