January 28, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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In Martinique, “the anti-tax communications war is open” – liberation


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Covit-19 epidemic in FranceDocument

When Martinique rebuilt himself, the hospital was exhausted and the vaccine campaign was not taking place. Reasons? Lack of communication from health officials, distrust of Paris, chlordcon scandal, mostly anti-Vaux news, fake news … people got angry.

They came in pairs, to encourage each other or to encourage each other. A mother and her teenager, a father and his daughter, a couple in their fifties, and two co-workers. At the end of Thursday, everyone landed against their first needle, vaccinated at the Lamentin Sports Palace, the largest of the seven centers in Martinique, in the center of the island and at the crossroads of traffic. Govit-19. “We do it for the family, The 64-year-old father explained. Many of our relatives are being vaccinated and they are beginning to make it clear to us that if anything happens, my daughter and I will be responsible. They are right, we do not want to be illegal in our own family! Mother, she was expecting “School for children at the beginning of the school year” And loved him “Guide by example”. The couple were by their side “One Click” The day before in front of the TV pictures – tents in front of the emergency room, …

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