October 23, 2021

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In his proposal for Northern Ireland, Sephovich took British conditions into account

In his proposal for Northern Ireland, Sephovich took British conditions into account

The European Commissioner in Slovak hopes that the situation will calm down.

13. October 2021 19:32 in TASR

Brussels. On Wednesday, the European Commission proposed four “tailor” measures in response to the challenges facing citizens of the North. Ireland The meeting, as a result of Brexit, will make it even easier to transport goods from Britain to Northern Ireland.

A step towards a lasting solution

Vice President of the European Commission Maroš ŠefčovičThe move, which oversees the implementation of the Brexit agreement on behalf of the EU executive, has been followed in recent months by extensive discussions with British government officials and the European Commission’s contacts with political leaders, businesses, civil society and others. Partners in the North. Ireland.

At the same time, they take into account the ideas of the British Party presented in the July 2021 document.

According to him, the European Commission is ready to engage in serious discussions with London to reach a lasting solution together and as soon as possible. The Commission will do this in close cooperation and dialogue with the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union.

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“I’m contacted the stakeholders in Northern Ireland. Today’s recommendations are our real answer to their concerns.

High flexibility

The Commission hopes that the new set of measures will bring about real change and address Brexit-related issues in the movement of goods from the UK to Northern Ireland, as pointed out by the people and businesses of the UK.

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Wednesday’s activities culminate in a set of activities delivered in June 2021, which will help move live animals from the UK to Northern Ireland.

The new measures propose greater flexibility in the areas of health, food, plants and animals, pharmaceuticals and customs, and cooperation with Northern Irish partners.

The European Commission has proposed another model for the implementation of the Ireland / Northern Ireland Protocol, which greatly facilitates the sale of goods between Britain and Northern Ireland in Northern Ireland. D.

This facilitates the flow of goods through a variety of safeguards and increased market surveillance to ensure that British goods do not enter Ireland, the EU’s sole market.

At the same time, Wednesday’s set of actions will pave the way for resolving all remaining issues related to the implementation of the Brexit agreement, thus creating predictability, stability and security for people and businesses in Northern Ireland.

After Wednesday’s meeting of the College of Commissioners, European Commission experts will travel to London to begin detailed discussions with the UK government on the four documents.

The European Commission expects serious discussions with the British government in the coming weeks, while the EU executive will continue to work with stakeholders in Northern Ireland.

Efčovič will meet with David Frost in Brussels on Friday (15.10) in the framework of negotiations for cooperation between the European Union and Britain.