January 22, 2022

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In Germany, they confirmed a nationwide ban on the sale of fireworks

Sellers disagree with the ban. This measure should ease the burden on hospitals during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The Administrative Court in Berlin on Tuesday upheld a nationwide ban on the sale of fireworks, ordered by the Federal Interior Ministry. Sellers of this type of goods have taken to court, claiming that the ban is being liquidated. However, according to the ruling, a ban on the sale of fireworks during the pandemic is appropriate.

At the federal level, Germany agreed to a complete ban on the sale of fireworks on December 17. In addition, many municipalities have banned the use of fireworks during New Year’s Eve.

The court ruled that a ban on the sale of fireworks and fireworks would help reduce pressure on German hospitals during New Year’s Eve celebrations. Every year on New Year’s Eve in Berlin, the UKB Accident Hospital treats 50 to 75 people injured by mishandling fireworks. Last year, during the ban on the sale of these goods, the number of admitted patients decreased to ten.

“Given the heavy workload in the hospitals, urgent action is needed,” the court said.

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