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In Britain, the shelves of some supermarkets were empty due to Brexit and infection

In Britain, the shelves of some supermarkets were empty due to Brexit and infection

Forensic use has isolated hundreds of thousands of workers, including missing truck drivers.

July 22, 2021 at 4:33 pm TASR, SITA

Bratislava. Effect of Brexit and Infectious Disease COVID-19 This means that the shelves of some British supermarkets are empty. The British Long Road Transport Association (RHA) argues that the main reason is the lack of truck drivers. The Euronews.com portal reports about it.


It is estimated that less than 100,000 truck drivers are needed in the UK. Due to Brexit, new drivers from Europe can no longer come to work in the UK as easily as in the past. Many left home during epidemics and never returned. In addition, training for new drivers was discontinued during the locking process in the UK.

According to the latest data for the week ending July 14 in the UK and Wales, the app, which alerts users if they come in contact with a positive person, isolated nearly 619,000 people during the week ending July 14 in the UK, significantly disrupting distribution. Chains. Labor shortages are reported by the hospitality industry, the manufacturing sector and the media. So, many people want to remove the app from their phone.

The media dubbed the condition “pingemia.” Skills The trace utility was provided when evaluating whether its user should go for home isolation.

The British government emphasizes the importance of application in preventing the spread of the new corona virus, but at the same time allows some workers in critical infrastructure to work despite being in contact with a positive person. .

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“We want European truck drivers to be allowed back. Add them to the list of short-lived businesses or give them short-term visas to come and work here,” said Rod McKenzie of the Long Distance Road Transport Association, who wrote an open letter to the British government about the problem.

Empty shelves

The front pages of British newspapers are full of empty supermarket shelves. However, food is widely available in London, Reuters authors said, adding that some stores do not have bottled water or other soft drinks and salads and meat products.

Sainsbury’s wants its customers to get everything they need, however not every brand they use. The Icelandic supermarket chain has already closed some operations due to staff shortages. Oil company British Petroleum has closed some of its service stations due to a fuel supply disruption caused by a shortage of tank drivers.

“We are very concerned about the situation,” British Trade Minister Quasi-Guardiang told Sky News.

As a result, large retail chains like Chainsbury and the like TescoPoint out that they could not maintain the distribution of all the stores they wanted.

“The number of deliveries to their supermarkets per week has dropped, so there may have been five, six or seven deliveries a week, and their number has probably dropped to four or five,” said retail analyst Brian Roberts.