January 29, 2022

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In Austria and Germany, fireworks were killed, and balconies and containers were burned in Slovakia

In Austria and Germany, fireworks were killed, and balconies and containers were burned in Slovakia

A total of two lifetimes required unprofessional pyrotechnic handling. In addition, many people were seriously injured.



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Source: TASR / Roman Hanc, TASR / Pavol Zachar

A young man, aged just 23, died during New Year’s Eve celebrations near Vienna. Another, two years younger than him, was seriously injured. It happened after several people gathered in a meadow to set off fireworks.

Unfortunately, it did not explode immediately. Then four people approached her to check her condition. Later, however, there was an explosion. The remaining two members of the game ended up with minor injuries.

Other, unfortunately, non-fatal injuries related to fireworks have also occurred in many parts of Austria, specifically in Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia, and Burgenland.

Germany also reported one death. The group of 10 celebrated the New Year in Hennef. Shortly after midnight, two men, aged 37 and 39, separated from the group. A little later, according to eyewitnesses, a loud explosion was heard. The two men remained lying on the ground, seriously injured.

Despite attempts to rescue, the youngest of them was no longer able to help and died instantly. The second victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. According to a local police spokesman, it was likely that they were homemade firecrackers. The case is investigated by the criminal police.

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New Year’s Eve in Slovakia from a firefighter’s point of view

Even Slovakia did not dispense with leaving the rescue services. firefighters on Facebook social networking site Inform them that during New Year’s Eve until the following morning (7.00), they intervened a total of 126 times. in 84 cases. Technical events meant 42 flights, of which 14 were traffic accidents.

Of the 84 cases where there were fires, 39 were caused by fireworks. It was 13 times in the Bratislava region and 7 times in the Trnava region.

Compared to last year, the number of fires increased by 45 cases. The total number of flights increased by 24. And in the case of fireworks, trips increased by 12. Fireworks mainly caused fires in containers and balconies. Unfortunately, in several cases, firefighters had to intervene on car fires and even the roofs of the family home.

Rescue workers haven’t seen such occupancy for years

During New Year’s Eve, paramedics have undergone most interventions in recent years. Specifically 1702, which is 239 more than the previous celebrations of the coming of the New Year. Alina Kirkova, a spokeswoman for the Emergency Medical Services Operations Center, told us.

The most common reasons for the trips were acute abdominal pain, difficulty breathing and poor health in cardiovascular patients. approached. The number of calls to the 155 emergency line was also higher, some of which were resolved by operators through consulting.

As I mentioned, there have been 32 interventions in incidents caused by unprofessional handling of fireworks, nine of them in the جيلilina area. “The youngest patient was a 13-year-old boy from the Prešov region. Fortunately, a firecracker exploded in his hands, without devastating injuries. There was no need for transportation to the hospital and the young man was treated on site.” She said.

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All fireworks related cases treated by the EMS resulted in minor to moderate injuries. No fatal case ended. According to her, acute alcohol intoxication is one of the common reasons for New Year’s Eve interventions. He added, “The rescuers helped in this regard 51 cases, six of them were children. The sad drive in this direction belongs to the Banska Bystrica region, where the rescuers helped up to 11 people suffering from alcohol poisoning,” indicated.

According to her, the youngest diabetic due to unconsciousness was a 13-year-old boy from Banska Bystrica region. “Due to a serious medical condition, he was taken to the hospital.” Krčová added.

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Preview image: TASR / Roman Hank, TASR / Pavol Zachar