January 24, 2022

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In America, people don't drink at all like in Slovakia (interview)

In America, people don’t drink at all like in Slovakia (interview)

Koza Popkov is an oriental man who came to the capital of Slovakia because he wanted to break into the world of humor.

We can also see him on TV, namely in the show CZ She Has Slovakia Talent, but he also participated as a competitor in the show Without a Handkerchief, which was still working on the Marquis at that time. He also collaborated on the Slovak film Na Prach.

Stand-up comedian from Spišská Nová Ves named Dávid Matejíček is named after him. Currently, her primary source of income is shooting video banners for YouTube. In it, he tries to describe life in the USA, where he currently lives, to his clients in a unique and humorous way.

He cares a lot about the cars that’s inside, and definitely doesn’t put a handkerchief in front of his mouth. His fame is already so great that more than 80,000 people watch him on Instagram. She also has her own collection of clothes and stickers.

Also flaunt these souvenirs in our travel program – zmUPované. Thanks to David, our editor Simona Ondrušková had the opportunity to drive a BMW X6 M Sport. Together with the successful comedian, she experienced an interesting ride of adrenaline, during which she learned many interesting facts about his life.

What is the essence of David’s videos?

Bobkov the goat doesn’t take everything with humor. He really cares about his career and tries to give as much as possible to his audience. In addition to humor and instructions, we can also find a lot of emotions in his videos.

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“When it comes to cars, I want to convey people’s feelings on screen. My point is for people to enjoy watching my videos, but also to feel something. For example, how it feels to be sitting in a particular car, or how it feels, whether I In an emotional mood. Based on my reactions to the videos, I seem to be doing quite well. Of course, that wasn’t my plan of action. It’s a natural thing for me.”

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