January 29, 2022

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Improved cooperation with the health sector

Improved cooperation with the health sector

BRATISLAVA, DECEMBER 31 (TASR) – Under the leadership of Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky (OĽANO candidate), communication and collaboration in working groups has improved significantly. This was authorized for the TASR by the private Union Health Insurance Company (ZP), which appreciated the cooperation with the Ministry of Health (MZ) of the Slovak Republic in 2021. In particular, it sees insufficient healthcare funding or uncertainty in financial planning.

ZP recalled its plan to provide financial support to several sectors, which was complicated by the “freezing” of more than 200 million euros for healthcare. “Although at least 90 million have been released, we believe that this completely non-standard procedure will not be repeated in the future,Federation spokeswoman Beata Dubachova Ksenzygova said.

The union stated that during the “extinguishing” of urgent problems with the epidemic, the development of a long-term strategy in this sector was forgotten. “Innovate, further develop electronics (such as eLab), improve operations or stabilize staff capacity, so that, for example, there are no empty nursing rooms in our new hospitals,“The spokeswoman approaches. The low vaccination rate of the population also considers a significant negative ZP. “We see it as a crisis of elites in our country who have failed to convince people of the arguments of experts about the health benefits of vaccination.ZP stated.

On the other hand, the private health insurer appreciates the approval of hospital improvements, and completely overhauls outpatient health care is a challenge for the year ahead. It also evaluates customer retention and growth. “We are also very positively aware that in this insurance drive, we have left the fewest policyholders out in recent years.The spokeswoman said. “She also highlighted the study, which shows that Union has the best customer experience among Slovak insurance companies.

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In terms of regulating the profits of health insurance companies, Union ZP prefers an appropriate and socially responsible profit rate. “We are convinced that the combination of reasonable profit potential, a competitive environment and equal opportunities for business can lead to an increase in the quality of health services provided, which will benefit policyholders in particular,The spokesperson explained. However, the creation of new rules and laws must precede discussion by experts in the health sector.