January 21, 2022

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Immigrants do not steal work, quite the contrary, says a respected professor.  Europe is preparing a new blue card for them

Immigrants do not steal work, quite the contrary, says a respected professor. Europe is preparing a new blue card for them

An interview with a recognized migration expert was conducted as part of the 8th EMN Training Seminar on Migration.

Professor of Sociology and Migration Law Tesseltje de Lange specializes in European regulation of economic migration and integration. It will also focus on the consequences of its global and local level. She is also an expert on immigration and entrepreneurship, knowledge migration, and families and family access to work. according to Radboud University official website The economic integration of refugees is also an important topic.

On Monday, at the gate uractive I discovered an interview with this versatile expert. The gist of the article was the foreigner-friendly immigration policy in Slovakia.

* We proudly present: Tesseltje de Lange! * You will be part of a panel discussion on integration into Dutch employment…

Posted by The Hague Peace Projects employment Sunday 28 May 2017

Europe should be friendly

According to the professor, the union should be friendly to immigrants based on the values ​​of our continent. The principles of the rule of law and respect for human rights and dignity are enshrined in law. On the other hand, if the immigration policy is too open, it may have negative consequences. Therefore, a balance must be found and the capacity of the European Union must be considered.

Teselge de Lange also described what she thought was good immigration policy. The first element is a legal design that can be open and ambiguous but also strict. Thus, it is up to the official to decide whether to allow the foreigner to enter the country of the country or not.

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Another component is immigration regulation, which includes a number of entities. So the friendly approach is nationwide. It also depends on timely decisions, adequate access, and transparent rules.

One element is the rights that people acquire after they enter the country. According to the professor, many immigration policies are temporary, and may not suit the immigrant or the employer.

Source: Unsplash / Daniel Mensah Boafo

They won’t steal your work

There is a fear among the locals that they will lose their jobs because of the foreigners. Politicians are said to be exploiting this fear, despite research showing that immigration can help create new jobs or modernize the labor market. They have a labor shortage in many European countries.

According to the professor, the government in Slovakia should better inform the positive effects of working foreigners. It suggests projects submitted as so-called pilot migrations.

Source: Unsplash / mapbox

New blue card for immigrants

The old blue card allowed a foreigner to enter a country whose salary was more than 150% of the average wage in the country. Under the new law, member states in Europe will be able to set an amount between 100% and 160%.

The new blue card came into effect on July 1 this year and is a type of temporary residence for foreigners. However, the prerequisite is a higher professional qualification stemming from higher education. The Blue Card thus allows you to enter, reside and work in Slovakia. He also agrees to visit foreign countries. explain it Immigration Information Center.

“If countries were able to reduce the minimum wage even under the Blue Card, then national programs would lose their attractiveness. Of course, the European Commission wanted to abolish national programs altogether. In general, it would be ideal to harmonize entry conditions and create a single European labor market. But many member states It wants to have its own immigration tools and policies.” The professor said about the gate uractive.

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The new blue card allegedly states what type of documents a foreigner is required to enter the country. However, there are administrative barriers for immigrants. However, because of them, the European directive may lose its effectiveness.

Source: TASR / AP

Refugees are not allowed to work in some EU countries. The professor strongly opposes these laws. The directive on the admission of foreigners is claimed to allow up to nine months of waiting, but this makes sense for two months, at most three months of waiting. The reason is the events that occurred during the trip to the country. As a result, they may be vulnerable in the labor market. They don’t even know the laws and the employees can use them.

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