January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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If you are an artist, a visionary or a young entrepreneur, you have a chance to get a scholarship of €1,000.  are you going?

If you are an artist, a visionary or a young entrepreneur, you have a chance to get a scholarship of €1,000. are you going?

We will certainly agree that young people often look at the world Unlike that. Their heads are full Great ideas and interesting visions, but they often miss them Financethrough which they can realize their ideas and plans. If you are one of those people, read on.

Tatra Bank You with the flu light blue Competition prepared # retweetAnd if you are a young creative student with a good idea, You can also get a grant of 1000 euros in it. Because Baby Blue thinks of me the futureShe decided she wanted to give smart young people the opportunity to bring out what’s inside of them.

Zdroj: Unsplash / Brooke Cagle

How do I do it?

if you own 15 to 26 years old, you can send your idea as An individual Or you can also compete as Collection Classmates or friends. All you have to do is log in to the site Tatraacademy.sk. However, the condition is to be open student An account in Tatra banka To present your work, idea or project Until October 18.

from 19. 10. Verb 26. 10. 2021 will take place The second phaseThe specialized jury evaluates the submitted projects and individual works. From all submitted works that meet the conditions of the competition, judges will select 5 works in each category. So together they will advance to the finals 15 submitted projects of all categories. You will find out how it all ends November 12when they want Public voting results were published and the grant winners were announced.

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You can compete in three categories:

  • #premodruplanetu art: In this category, you can submit any artwork of your own, such as photography, drawing, illustration, animation, audio or video.
  • Action #premodruplanetu: Here you can submit any business plan of your own, running project, startup or even the know-how of a successful business.
  • #premodruplanetu official: This category will welcome all environmental projects that will help with sustainability.

You can register here

Source: Tatra Banka

In each category, the jury will choose the main winner, who will receive a financial reward of

1000 Euro. However, you can also get files Non-financial benefit. There is also in the game prestige a Vision your project. The said jury consists of three personalities who are close to the specific topics. In the business category is Youtube user explanation, in the Art category, the juror is a Bratislava photographer and Actress Lucy Oper And to class responsibly, so the ecologist is an expert Green author Natalia Pažická.

You can also decide

In addition to the expert jury, they will also have the opportunity to choose the best project Fans, friends and the general public. on the web Tatra Academy There will be a public vote in which you can vote And you, too. The winning project will get a special project General price and 500 euros.

Zdroj: Unsplash / Yura Fresh

Why #premodruplanetu?

He created the digital age blue generationwho spends most of her day with smart phone in hand. in a Tatra Bank However, they believe that it also has its bright sides and that it has its own sides Internet time You use it the right way. They think you will gain little by little KnowledgeAnd Knowledge aj CapabilitiesThus, you will bring the best and most beautiful The future of our blue planet.

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In addition, the Tatra banka . is still Support every studentWho decides for her? Student account. You can easily open it through the web or a mobile app Tatra BankWhile it only takes a few minutes and you will automatically get a reward €30.

Get 30 Euro

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Preview image: Unsplash / Brooke Kaggle