January 21, 2022

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Ideas that help nature will get you thousands of euros

Ideas that help nature will get you thousands of euros

If you are involved in environmentally friendly non-governmental activities in some way, or sympathize with initiatives of this kind in your area, you may find it possible to complete an overview of existing grant support opportunities.

The Envirogrants Program is an easy way for organizations to obtain non-reimbursable funding for year-end conservation ideas. For non-profit organizations, which are purposefully allocated to alleviate the environmental and climate crisis, another package of support in the amount of 50,000 euros has been prepared. Behind him is the VUB Foundation, which opened the call for environmentally oriented grants only for the second time after its premiere last year.

Habitat conservation or social projects that mitigate nature

The Envirogranty system was created with leading experts who are among the local leaders in the field of sustainable development and environmental protection, and who will also take care of the independent selection of the most effective solutions. “NGOs can apply for a grant with projects that respond to the currently increasing loss of biodiversity around us, as well as viable models for sustainable development in the regions of Slovakia, based on green economy principles.” Alexander Resch, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the VUB Foundation, explains the focus of the program.

Open Gallery

Specifically, it could go for example to conserve habitats near industrial sites, construction sites or mining. Applicants can also apply for projects that support the preservation of native forests or respond to the spread of invasive species and environmental pollution. In the second area, the program will support for example proposals for the development of natural tourism, social entrepreneurship with an environmental impact or environmental business plans aimed at recycling or recycling in production.

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“Last year’s introductory year for Our Environment confirmed that this type of support programme, aimed exclusively at protecting nature and sustainability in the economy, did not exist in Slovakia. This grant scheme, along with the new form of Atlas Prizes for Fighters for a Greener Future, has become , the foundation of our endowment pillar, which we partner with with environmentally active nonprofits. We are pleased that the continuation of our grant call will lead to another good work in this area,” Alexander Resch says, adding that the Envirogrant Initiative addressed as many as 132 entities registered in the local nonprofit sector last fall.

In the village of Utekáč in Poltár County, support for the Envirogrants program has created a space in which to provide jobs for the long-term unemployed. Open Gallery

Up to €7,000 per winning design

Depending on the meaning, feasibility and scope of the expected “green footprint” of the applications submitted, the evaluation committee will select 7-8 projects from the accepted applications for this year, while each winning proposal can count on support from the VUB Foundation up to € 7000. Project plans prepared by NGOs can be submitted until October 20th until electronic model on the page www.nadaciavub.sk. Results will be announced in mid-December.

This is also possible

These examples of projects whose authors joined in the past year and also succeeded attest to the meaning of support from the environment. Perhaps they will serve as inspiration.

  • In Vinosadi under the Carpathian hills between Bezinok and Mudra, thanks to the grant they received, they began to plant special alleys. Locals can adopt their trees and become a kind of “ancestral” tree. The significance of this work for the future also lies in the fact that the new green spaces will not only humidify and cool the air, but will also protect the homes of residents from gusts of wind and flooding. Last but not least, the alleys of fruit trees are also rewarded with a rich local harvest.
  • In the village of Utekáč in the province of Poltár, a place has been created where work will be provided to the long-term unemployed. Activists from OZ kRaj have combined beekeeping, glassmaking and Gemer’s traditional craft, the so-called beehive. The Voštinári project combines social entrepreneurship with the environment – beeswax is packaged in recycled glass bottles. This original workshop is also alive this year thanks to the support of the environment.
  • The Garden of Memories in Zvolen is a place where an unconventional farewell is made and a natural way of burial. This unique project is sponsored by the non-profit organization Živica, which has successfully participated in the first year of the Envirogrants Program. Thus the VUB Foundation secured funding to expand the cemetery’s space by creating a new flowering meadow. The place is revived by a rich habitat of many living creatures and a peaceful still life for the bereaved.
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The full stories of projects supported by VUB Foundation magazine are brought to you hearts.