January 27, 2022

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Ice Hockey World U-20 Championship: Slovakia is already in Canada, no complications have passed

Today 13:20

The Slovak U-20 hockey team has finally arrived at the tournament venue, the Canadian city of Red Deer. The journey took more than 27 hours – from Piešťany, where they had a preparatory camp, they set off on a Wednesday about the morning of our afternoon.

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They had to transfer to Munich airport, from there they flew with the Czech, German and Austrian missions to Edmonton with a layover in Iceland, where there were minor complications.

They waited over 100 minutes, even though they originally only had 30 minutes. The reason is the refueling problems, which, however, managed to solve. They flew to Canada shortly after 11 p.m., landing in Edmonton just after 10:15 p.m. local time, just after 6 a.m. European time.

At the airport, they underwent mandatory exams, got on the bus, were greeted by a cold, almost -30 degrees, and after an hour and a half, they were finally in a hotel in Red Deer, where they played the role of the main group . Mission personnel immediately traveled to isolation for two days. The site reported that most players who work abroad and did not travel from Slovakia were already in their rooms at the time. hockeysl Slovakia.sk.

“The journey was difficult, but it was part of the World Cup. It was not easy. However, we made it to Red Deere and we will rest. The journey seemed endless. I have seen a lot of movies, listened a lot of music. This is also part of hockey,” Head coach Evan Fiennes said.

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What will be the next program for the team and how will they spend the two-day quarantine? “We lie in bed as a priority, and sleep well. Another test awaits us the next day. In the afternoon, we will do off-ice training in the rooms. However, we will definitely start to make the most of the time we have.”

We plan to make good use of every minute until the opening match of the World Cup. As a result, we have many meetings together,” Coach revealed.

Despite the long journey, there was a good mood, and the Roman Faith’s answer documents this. “For the next two days in solitude, I planned to rest, but it will not be easy, because for two days I will have to taste Juraj Slavkovsky. However, my job is to take care of him. I promised his parents, because he has not yet reached, ” The 19-year-old striker joked about his roommate, who was two years younger than him.

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The road, of course, made him tired, and spending two days in the room suited him well. “Very tough trip. The trip took about the same as last year, only this year we got a bus ride. From Piešťany to Munich and from Edmonton to Red Deer. I’m really tired, two days in quarantine will be useful,” dodal faith.

Adam Sokora first went through a similar journey. “I’ve traveled to Quebec and Chicago in the past, but then the duration wasn’t the same now. At least I read a book in English on the plane. He watched movies, listened to music, played games on his mobile and even slept for two hours. I think That we will regenerate well in the next couple of days and be ready for our first snowboard training,” said the 17-year-old striker.

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During the two-day isolation period, all team members will be tested twice for coronavirus, after two negative PCR tests, they will be able to leave on the morning of December 18 and start the training process. The Slovaks will play two preparatory matches in the program before the start of the tournament. At a reasonable time at 20:00 our time, they will duel with Finland on December 20, and play with Austria on December 3:30.

There are 28 hockey players in the tournament venue, of which there can be only 25 of them in the nomination, and three of them will have to leave the team after preparatory duels.

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