January 27, 2022

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Ice Hockey World U-20 Championship: Slovakia – Germany – coach and players feedback

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Slovak hockey players had their first match on the grounds of the Junior World Championships, but it was only preparatory so far. However, the result is very satisfactory, as Germany was clearly defeated 4: 0.

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The meeting, which took place in the Canadian city of Red Deer, was not broadcast on television and no video was produced. However, we were able to see the goals thanks to Instagram hockey slovakiaYou can find it in the article above.

Slovakia took the lead four seconds before the end of the first quarter thanks to Martin Krumijak’s powerful play goal. At the same time, he could have won earlier, but Miklucha did not take his 100% chance and Mishar’s shot was nullified by a German goalkeeper after collaborating with Slavkovsky. The opponent also had a chance, but Shimon Latcucci was attentive in goal.

Early in the 79 seconds after the opening bull of the second race of twenty minutes, Juraj Slavkovsky’s shot from Riag Petrovico increased by two goals. In the middle of the duel, the third minute shot came, Philippe Mishar fired inconspicuously in a game of strength after a pass from Slavkovsky, which was knocked out by the German defense. In the final 4:0, Oleksij Myklucha modified Maroš Jedlička in the final chapter after a superb kick from Maroš Jedlička. Report the course of the meeting the web Slovak Hockey League.

Players and coach Evan Vince revealed the overall impression of the fencing in the post-match press conference.

“It was a good performance at the beginning, although they had a little renumbering, but we had more of the match. Towards the end, our pace was slowing down, but that’s something that can still be improved easily in the tournament. It’s easy with such a team. And players like that,” said Juraj Slavkovsky, who had a 1+1 in the match.

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“It was a good start. We needed a prep match. We started well, we had more shots, we were all over. Everything was good in my opinion today,” Defender Ryan Petrovich added.

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Ice Hockey World U-20 Championship – Preparations: Germany – Slovakia

Source: twitter.com/WorldJuniors

All teams participating in the tournament waited a week for the preparatory match. Originally, two preparatory meetings were scheduled, the first of which was on the agenda on December 19. However, due to the measures and the Corona virus epidemic, the organizers canceled these measures, and instead everyone had to play only one duel as of December 23. The tournament begins on December 26.

However, the Czech and Swiss teams are very unlucky, there was a positive case of the Corona virus in one of the teams and the organizers canceled their preliminary match. It is not known in which team.

“It was a very necessary match for us, we have waited for it for a very long time. Thank God we have it. Although we won, we need to improve our performance even more. A slightly different weight class opponents are waiting for us. There were many great things we wanted to see today. And of course, victory to zero is fun,” The fencing was assessed by coach Evan Venis.

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Evan Vince

Source: SZĽH

What was the happiest player and coach in the game and what should they improve on? “The forces were very good, we scored three goals in them. From my point of view, we failed completely, especially in the first period, they had a lot of renumbering. We need to watch the video and improve it”, Slavkovsky revealed that the Slovaks took advantage of three of the many four advantages.

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“We have to clean it up in front of the gate. On the plus side, we were at their gate when we shot and we had a lot of shots. Especially strength play, they went to us today,” Petrovicý has been added. The Slovaks shot the opponent 34-18.

The head coach was particularly pleased with the goalkeepers’ performance, with Simone Latcucci scoring the first two thirds and Tomas Pozzo in the final third. But he also found things to work on. “The goalkeepers performed well. We now have a huge and very difficult decision. The performance of the players was very decent, one always finds some mistakes, but we have to focus on the positive things that we experienced.

We will have to toughen the disagreement in personal battles. Number one has to be discipline in the games so we don’t get wiped out.” Slovakia had three players off the bench for the match.

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Despite their defeat of Germany, in the main group they will face competitors of a different “weight class”, gradually the USA, Sweden, Russia and Switzerland. How will they have to play to succeed? “We have to work harder than our opponents, in any situation. This is what hockey should look like throughout the tournament,” Slavkovsky replied.

“We have to go 100 percent all the time. We have to win the fights in front of our target and shoot and do everything we can to win. It will be tough, but I think we can do it, and we have a good team,” Petrovický added his teammate.

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Difficult decisions await the coaches now. There are 28 players in the list, three must be eliminated. “We have a training meeting right after the match, and we have to make decisions on the final nomination so we announce it to the players in the morning. We have training in the morning and another on Saturday and then the expected match.” Evan Fiennes revealed.

However, the whole Slovak team is also waiting for interesting duties, and they will have Christmas dinner together, although it is likely that they will have to tame themselves and may not see their favorite food on the table.

“I don’t know if there will be anything special on the table, but I’m looking forward to sitting with our teammates and smiling at each other,” Slafkovsky answered the question of what he most looked forward to at the Christmas table. In his answer, Petrovici also revealed a particular dish. “If it is, then potato salad.” But Yurai Slavkovsky added: “But it probably won’t.”

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