January 29, 2022

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Ice Hockey World Cup U-20 2021: Canada and the United States look to the finals

Ice Hockey World Cup U-20 2021: Canada and the United States look to the finals

Bratislava. The anticipated battle of the outdoor teams will arise from the final duel of the U-20 World Ice Hockey Championship in Edmonton, Canada.

Tuesday’s battle for gold (3.30 CET on Wednesday morning) will be the fifth fight between Americans and Canadians. So far, the two hockey powers have met in the 1997, 2004, 2010 and 2017 finals.

And although the most successful Canadians historically have eighteen titles in their group and the Americans only four, the last three finals of these two contenders have ended with the United States winning.

Farinacci: It would be so much fun

“The US-Canadian final is something we all dream about. It will be very fun. If we want to succeed and win gold medals, we have to go the full 60 minutes,” US striker John Farinacci said on the IIHF website.

Farinacci scored three goals in the knockout part of the U-20 World Hockey Championship, two in the Slovak net and one in Finland.

The Americans had a 3:1 semi-final lead over the Finns by two-thirds, but the stubborn Norwegians tied 3:3 in the power game with a time of 56:17 minutes.

Apparently, it seemed to the Americans at that moment that the Finns wanted to change the matter as well as in the quarter-final against the Swedes. They also lost in this match by two goals, but in the end they won 3: 2.

But similar thoughts were soon intimidated by Arthur Kaliev, who swung his shot past the Finnish goalkeeper 76 seconds before the end of the third half, decided to qualify the American for the final.

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“Finland was a challenge and we overcame it,” USA coach Nate Lehmann said. “I’m very proud of my players. However, I admit there were moments in the game when we pulled out and the opponent dictated the pace of the game.” World Cup U-20.

Goalkeeper Levi equaled the record

Finnish coach Ante Penanen admitted that there would be a huge loss in the players’ heads for a while, depriving them of the final.

“It will be difficult against the Russians in the bronze medal match. But it will be our last performance and we will do everything we can to achieve success,” the Finnish coach said.

The Russians conceded five goals from the Canadians in the first semi-final, when they lost 0: 3 after the first half.

Canadian goalkeeper Devon Levy stopped all 28 Russian shots and scored his third goal of the tournament. He equaled the World Under-20 Championship record serving Justin Pugh.

The Russian youth recorded their worst semi-final loss since the introduction of the playoff format in 1996. The Canadians have not scored a goal against the Russians for the first time after 14 games in a row. Since 2006.

Torrini: Our defense was exceptional

Devon Levy said appreciatively: “It was great watching my teammates come back and beat their opponent. They helped each other and made my goal in goal a lot easier for me.”

“Our defense was exceptional. It was crucial how we dealt with the speed and skills of our opponents. We knew how the Russians liked to attack in the middle. We tried to break their raids and push them to the rack.

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“We always wanted to play in the last game of the tournament and be part of something special. The final against the USA will be like this one. We are looking forward to what we have achieved, but we still have a decisive robot ahead of us,” added the Canadian coach.