January 28, 2022

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Ice Hockey World Championships 20: Video: USA – Slovakia 3: 2

Today 06:01

The Slovak hockey players opened their junior tournament performance in Red Deer, Canada, with a narrow loss to the USA 2:3. Coach Ivan Venis’ side will meet Sweden in Group B early Tuesday night at 3.30 CET.

You can watch the duel online at ŠPORT.sk >>

The Slovaks tied the opponents at the beginning of the match with the defenders of the cup, but did not convert two consecutive forces, while the favorite advanced 2: 0. In the second season, the USA players completely dominated the duel, hitting the Slovaks 23: 2 and adding a third goal.

However, Feneš’s players entered the final chapter well, after two goals from Martin Chromiak, they caught up with the opponent and reached the points when they played without a goalkeeper.

B-skubina (red deer):

US – Slovakia 3:2 (2:0, 1:0, 0:2)

Objectives: 14. Synagogue (Colli, Burt), 16. Samoskevich (Koronato, Beyneres), 33. Slagert (Kaiser, Dickinson) – 42. Krumiak (Kashlik, Kashko), 58. Kromyak (Miklucha, Nemec).

Referees: Kika (Czechoslovakia), Cova (Finland) – Jackson (Canada), Pearson (Sweden), disqualification: 6:5 for two minutes, power-ups: 2:1, weakness: 0:0, 1613 spectators.


United States of America: Comiso-Sanderson, Moore, Kaiser, Faber, Klevin, Hughes, Bert-Berard, Beyners, Coronato-Synagogue, Cole, Mazur-Slagert, Dickinson, Samoskevich-Savage, James, Lucius-Pastugov

SR: Latkóczy – Kňažko, Stacha, Petrovický, Š. Nemec, Bečár, Štrbák, Kmec – Chromiak, Myklucha, Kašlík – Mešár, Petrovský, Slafkovský – Jedlička, Dvorský, – Demek, Sý Faithkora, Lašák – Krajč

The Slovaks began the duel against the favorites effectively and a few seconds later Kaslik got a chance, but only shot at the goalkeeper. Immediately, the United States took turns badly accusing Feneš of exercising power. During that, they were unable to move properly in the attack area. And the second, after Slagert’s fifth-minute error, they were able to do much better and could also go ahead. However, neither Myklucha nor Kašlík succeeded. Then the candidates seized the baton and showed the opponents how to transform the many advantages. In the 14th minute, Knyss took advantage of the strong play of the players after a cross pass from Kole, and two minutes later turned the second goal to 5 to 4 Samoskevich, who shot from the left circle just below the upper post – 2: 0.

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The Slovaks did not play the third power at the start of the second quarter and in the following session they came under tremendous pressure from the opponent. He did whatever he wanted on the ice in some places. Coach Feneš threw the pucks and they couldn’t play constructively. On the contrary, he was constantly burning in front of Latkoc, but the Slovak goalkeeper held a two-goal difference for a long time. In the 26th minute, he caught the raid of Samoskevich, and when he weakened, he dealt with the trials of Beniers and Coronato. But he surrendered in the 33rd minute. Dickinson’s bullet still fired, but it was short for Slaggert. In the second act, the Slovaks only hit the target at the end and can even zoom out. However, Slafkovsky’s backhand ended up on the sidelines and in a 4v4 match, Myklucha did not defeat the goalkeeper. The Americans shot the opponent 23: 2 in this segment.

The Slovaks entered the third term as it was traded and after only one minute and three seconds they were able to use the power game. Kažko passed Chromiak for a chance and drew hope for the points – 1:3. Immediately, he pushed to the end of Jedlička and Commesso had to do something to conserve his shot and subsequent hits in front of the goal line. In the 47th minute, Machar shot the bulls, who did not succeed for the second time. In the 50th minute, two Slovak players collided in the central area and the opponent’s striker managed to escape separately, but Latcucci managed to do so. In the 52nd minute, the puck ended in the American net, and the referees did not recognize the goal with a high stick. However, in the third term, the Slovaks continued to perform very well. Compared to the previous part, they skated much better, victorious in personal battles, and often managed to get the favorite under pressure. The Americans could make a final decision in the 55th minute, when they rushed 4 to 1, but Bear put on the ice and saved the situation. In the 57th minute, Mazur almost put the visitors in another lead as he penetrated the middle and shot from outside the penalty area directly, but his shot went over the crossbar directly. In the end, the Slovaks managed to capture the match in dramatic fashion, when they scored the connecting goal in a 4 vs. 4 match. The Americans lost the ball in the middle zone, the opponent entered the re-numbering, and Myklucha passed in front of Chromiak’s goal and adjusted it to 2: 3. The Slovaks managed to exploit Their chances in the final without a goalkeeper, but they are no longer able to equalize.

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Slovakia’s program in the 2022 World Hockey Championship

Next group match:

Russia-Sweden 3:6 (0:1, 1:2, 2:3)

Objectives: 37. Svečkov (ibrikov, Tankov), 45. Mičkov (Demidov), 46. Mičkov (Smirnov, Demidov) – 6. Olausson (Holtz, Grans), 28. Edvinsson, 35. Andrae (Grans, Eklund), 44. Holtz (Ecklund, Andre), 52. Niederbach (Torgerson), 60. Ljungman (Edvinson)