January 29, 2022

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I wouldn't have started a business without a pandemic

I wouldn’t have started a business without a pandemic

Candles are a narrow profile element. How does one decide to deal with this product?
I was on vacation in Amman and met a myrrh tree for the first time. The epidemic has just begun, and I learned that myrrh has an antiviral effect of 99%. I was thinking about how to use it in our country as well. I wanted to offer something other than chemical cleansers, as I lean towards natural products. However, I could not imagine burning myrrh coal at home in our cultural environment. I didn’t personally smell it, it smells “temple” and not everyone responds well to it. So I decided to use it, but in a different way.

in which?
in oil. Simply squeeze the liquid from the tree and incorporate it into the candles. This is a common product in our culture. By burning the oil, the effects of myrrh are multiplied.

Had it not been for the coronary crisis, you might not have started this business?
Probably not, because my work was inspired by the myrrh plant. When I was in Oman at the time, I tore my meniscus. And the doctor who treated me told me a lot about myrrh and its effects. Also a travel agent. It is used for various diseases, such as coughs and colds. The locals used to smoke the buildings to fight viruses. In this way, they also reduce the risk of diseases of civilization.

Are you not afraid that the Slovaks will refuse such a “strange” novelty?

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