January 28, 2022

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I think Nye is serving the US in its next war with Russia – Malinova – Blog

He hasn’t told you yet? can tell you anytime and anythingYou just have to tell him he’s got a mandate from voters like me for anything. And you can see that we agree with that, This is for nothing contrary to what is claimed or difficult today!

Just as he claimed that the treaties on American bases were a sham, and such a thing could never be approved, because it is a hoax, he would in any way surprise us, even with an arbitrary decision to go to war with Russia or even to attack Russia. He is said to be able to do anything, namely attack Russia and claim that he has the mandate to do so! He is a psychopath who is capable of everything, even attacking Russia and agreeing to anything and without discussion – he has a mandate for everything and anything!

In a discussion yesterday, Juraj Krupa said Do kríža offered Dvojka in defense of the military agreement with the United States: “When the Germans marched towards Russia, they also occupied other countries in order to increase the room for maneuver, which is a modern way of fighting.”

Even today, the United States occupies other countries, To increase the maneuverability. Thus they are leading a modern way to attack Russia. Just somewhere fake the attack that started Russia!

Hitler also had Naď, Korčok or Krúpa. They do not recognize psychopaths because they themselves are psychopaths. They don’t care about the possible consequences, only the reward of a psychopathic service.

hopscotch today:

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Western military circles are preparing for war with Russia

“Former Deputy Minister of Defense and former President On the eve of the Supreme Commander of NATO, Evelyn Farkas, wrote the day before yesterday in one of the most influential security magazines in interpreting the views of the US administration, a terrifying article “The United States must prepare for war against Russia.” It suggests that US commanders form an “international coalition of ready and ready military forces” to prepare for war. She described the preparations for the war as a “struggle to preserve the international order.” Farkasova literally proposes an ultimatum that Russia withdraw from Crimea by a certain date, Otherwise, it calls for military action to impose it. https://www.defenseone.com/…/us-must-prepare…/360639/

You have it in black and white, which is what the treaty that the government approved yesterday leads to. When qualified adversaries warn that we cannot know what the international situation will be in a year, two years, five and what The United States will pay us under this treaty, they mean just that. The territory of Slovakia can become An advanced base for the attack on Russia. These are not plots like Nada’s folly that DCA opponents serve a “foreign power”. You have clear statements here that the military circles in the West are seriously considering launching a war against Russia. That’s in their heads, they’re thinking that way – about what you don’t even dare to think, They are already talking loudly.

And Slovakia, as in 1941, would be misused as an advanced base for an attack on Russia. We have to stop it. Understand, that it is more important than anything other than early elections or questions of bread, this is a struggle for everything, for freedom, for survival, for existence. Stop DCA!

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The argument that others signed such treaties has proven to be one of the most dangerous in modern European history. In the thirties of the last century At Hitler’s request, most European countries signed bilateral non-aggression pacts with Nazi Germany. First with Poland, then with Great Britain, France, Estonia, Latvia, etc. Today, our corrupt journalists, analysts and politicians remember only the last: the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, concluded as a result of all these betrayals, when Moscow realized that Europe was unable to cope with the growing danger of fascism and the Soviets had to do so. Secure their security – and buy time above all else. We all know what led to this from the start: to the outbreak of World War II and the subsequent invasion of the Soviet Union, while the all-out offensive was shamefully abused by the territory of Slovakia.

More than 80 years since this tragic event, Chairman of the Committee on Defense and Security of the National Council of the Slovak Republic In defense of the military agreement with the United States, Juraj Krupa said on yesterday’s discussion program Do kríža on Dvojka: “When the Germans marched towards Russia, they also occupied other countries in order to increase the maneuvering space, which is a modern method of combat. . ” If you doubt the veracity of these words, listen to them on a note from 1:24 p.m.

(brief, read Hopscotch and his continuing refutation of this government’s lies)




He revealed what he didn’t have?! The Chairman of the National Council of the Slovak Republic Committee for Defense and Security Krupa of OĽaNO admitted that In the event of war with Russia, the airports in the Slovak Republic will become a depot for American ammunition and supplies

https://www.hlavnespravy.sk/prezradil-co-nemal-sef-vyboru-nr-sr-pre-obranu-a-bezpecnost-krupa-z-olano-priznal-ze-letiska-v-sr-sa- v-pripade-vojny-s-ruskom-stanu-skladiskom-americkej-municie-a-zasob/2823754

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The important thing is that whatever they say today, you already know that tomorrow they can say the exact oppositeBecause they say they have a mandate contrary to what they claimed yesterday!

They think they have a mandate for anything, including changing words and expressions at any time, including launching an offensive war on anyone!

And just as they didn’t have to answer their lies, They won’t even have to lie for future lies! They can wisely declare any day what they think, and especially what they will pay for!