December 7, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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I didn't even have ten horns and borrowed from my parents

I didn’t even have ten horns and borrowed from my parents

At first, it seemed that he would not cross the threshold of the National Council. However, the head of the Liberals, Richard Sollick, decided to give priority to the European Parliament over the Slovak Parliament, and thus the hitherto unknown Janka Sigankova became a member of Parliament.

Strange beginnings in politics

The saxophone player in the 2016 parliamentary elections was the first under the liberal candidate’s line. The politician wrote in people’s memory, especially with a funky pre-election billboard with red pants pulled down.

After joining the National Council, she experimented with kadečo and even tried out her career as a vlogger. She also presented several episodes of Yuka’s “series” of Janka’s experiences, in which she attempts to point out difficult topics in a “playful” way.

After the first bizarre part of the Bratislava market on Miletičova Street, where she was dating a “thief”, she turned to more serious topics. She soon became Shadow Secretary and Health Expert and currently chairs the Parliamentary Health Committee.

But what did Jana Segankova do before politics? Few people know that she worked in a bank, for example, and started a business with a private kindergarten. In this article, you will learn how Cigániková’s beginnings in business were and where she gradually re-established herself in business.

I enjoyed working in a bank

The first work she tried on her skin was a robot in Slovak legal metrology. Does this not tell you? An institution that deals with units of measurement or methods of measurement.

Source: Plus 7 days