November 30, 2021

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Hypothetical Planet B: Is there a twin of our Earth in the universe?

Astronomers discovered the first planet outside our solar system in the 1990s. Since then, every astronomer has wondered if there is a so-called “Planet B” in the universe, a world identical to our own.

At first, the search for exoplanets was a really difficult activity. Scientists discovered planets one by one, but that changed with the beginning of the Kepler mission, as the portal wrote CNN. Thanks to this telescope, astronomers began to discover hundreds of planets. Today we know more than 4000 exoplanets have been discovered and their number is constantly increasing.

A new generation of space telescope is in preparation, James Webb Telescope. Thanks to him, scientists can begin to study the atmospheres of distant planets and begin to classify them. The James Webb Space Telescope may reveal our perfect version of orbiting a distant star. However, Planet B has not yet been discovered.

But what is the chance of the James Webb telescope? Experts say it is very small, although it is the most advanced space telescope. The space telescope will focus on the planets, Stars orbiting smaller than the sun.

“The mission of the James Webb Space Telescope will be to search for at least some signs of habitability. The telescope will not be looking for an Earth replica,” said Klaus Pontopedan, who works on the James Webb Space Telescope project.

Earth twin or something completely different?

It is true that scientists have not yet searched for a twin of Earth, or Planet B, but their research is interesting. Scientists want to know Whether life can evolve Unlike thatas on earth. This is a possibility that the James Webb Telescope will explore in the coming decades.

“There is no Planet B for us,” said Gil Tarter, an astronomer and former director of SETI. “If we don’t learn how to deal with current global problems, we will face the same scenario on a ‘Second Earth’.”

But what exactly is Planet B? As mentioned above, it is supposed to be a pair of Earths. However, scientists cannot agree on whether it will be a planet similar to ours or something completely unexpected. Some speculate that Planet B is Earth’s twin, It orbits around a similar star with the same orbit, atmosphere, continents and oceans.

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However, science often brings unexpected discoveries, and Planet B may be one of them. Astronomers want to see a pair of Earth, no At the same time, they will be fascinated, even if they discover life on a planet unlike ours.

The search for Planet B is not black and white. An overwhelming number of factors come into play, and it is entirely possible that there are no conditions elsewhere in the universe for the formation of a planet like Earth. However, astronomers add that Life can find its way, even on planets we wouldn’t normally consider habitable.

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