January 29, 2022

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HyperX has a new game console, and it understands both Android smartphones and PC

HyperX has a new game console, and it understands both Android smartphones and PC

The entertainment industry is booming during a pandemic as people are spending more time at home and wasting time not only through movies but also through games. If you love playing games on smartphones, but also on PCs, you may like the new accessories from HyperX Workshop.

The HyperX brand makes mice, headphones, or keyboards designed for gamers. At CES 2022, it introduced the first-ever game console for Android mobile devices. he is called HyperX clutch.

Photo: HyperX

Although the accessory is primarily intended for smartphones, it can also be connected to computers using the USB cable included in the package. pocket-lint.com presents. HyperX Clutch offers the same Layout button as driver for xbox.

Textured handles provide a more secure grip and a smartphone with Max width 86 mm. The buckle is removable, so it will not mislead the player unnecessarily when playing on the computer. It can also serve as a separate holder for the smartphone.

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Photo: HyperX

Interestingly, the console does not need to connect to smartphones only through the standard Bluetooth 4.2. Contact is also available via 2.4GHz WiFiThis will help reduce responsiveness especially when playing cloud mobile games through services like Xbox Game Pass.

Photo: HyperX

Includes HyperX clutch 600 mAh battery. According to the manufacturer, even one charge will work 19 hours, which should be enough for the most avid gamers. The new product will go on sale in March, first in the US market. The price is not high, it is determined $49.99.

The HyperX brand is part of the HP portfolio. She said that earlier this year Bought again From the original owner, Kingston. The acquisition came to 425 million dollars. HP has made another effort to delve deeper into the engaging gaming business, having been with the Omen brand for a long time.

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