December 2, 2021

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Hundreds of protesters in Prague shouted, "Stop lying to us!"

Hundreds of protesters in Prague shouted, “Stop lying to us!”

Protesters do not like how Zeman’s colleagues reported his health.

16. October 2021 at 20:29 TASR

Prague. About a hundred people gathered at Hradčanské náměstí in Prague on Saturday to protest the behavior of collaborators with the Czech president. Milos Zeman Regarding his health and hospitalization.

The news server reported this.

For example, the organizers do not like the behavior of the Vratislav Minai Castle office. a job The staff of the Central Military Hospital (ÚVN), where Zeman has been hospitalized since Sunday, must also be supported, the server wrote.

According to the organizers, the event took place in response to the Presidency’s work in informing the public of Zeman’s health and ability to take office.

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People carried signs reading “Fortress counselors, go to Moscow,” and some chanted, “Stop lying to us.”

As the organizers further stated in the description of the event on social networks, they wanted to defend themselves against “deliberately false and openly offensive information, which is being disseminated in the public space by the Chief of Staff of the President Vratislav Minai, Director of the Press Service and Spokesperson of the President Jiri Oveczyk”.

Minai said Friday evening that he would comment early next week on the current situation regarding Zeman’s hospitalization.

When asked if the president’s office would answer Senate President Milos Vestrel’s question, what is Zeeman’s health prognosis and whether he is able to perform the job, the office did not respond, wrote on the website.

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