October 21, 2021

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Huawei’s CFO faces up to 30 years in prison in the US

According to US government officials, 41-year-old Meng Wanzhou was set to circumvent the trade embargo against Iran.

Canadian police detained the chief financial officer of the Chinese technology giant in Vancouver on Saturday at the request of the US authorities. According to the Wall Street Journal, the New York Attorney General’s Office is currently investigating whether Huawei has violated US sanctions against Iran. Meng WanzhuDaughter of Huawei founder Zhen-Cheng Feja and also vice chairman of the board, she was on her way from Hong Kong to Mexico and was just on her next flight in Vancouver.

The US Department of Justice claims that Meng Wan-Zhou allowed a Hong Kong company SkyCom Trade with Iran despite sanctions. SkyCom is unofficially a subsidiary of Huawei, although the two companies officially deny any links. According to agency sources Reuters However, accused Meng was scheduled to appear on the SkyCom board of directors in 2013, which was to offer HP devices for sale to Iran in late 2010. The documents found in this regard are allegedly referred to as “Huawei confidential”.

Meng Wanzhu

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was also informed in advance of the planned arrest of Maple Leaf’s chief financial officer, who denied any political background to the move in his official statement to the press. On the other hand, Beijing strongly opposed the arrest, according to which Meng did not violate any Canadian or American law. According to Chinese media, this is a political struggle on the part of the United States in an attempt to suppress Huawei’s global expansion.

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Meng is currently being held in Canada where a Canadian court has refused to release him on bail due to the high probability of the accused fleeing to China. The US has 60 days to file a formal request for extradition, which then has to be approved by a Canadian court. If guilt is admitted, Meng threatens to do so 30 years spent behind bars.