December 2, 2021

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Huawei has introduced a smartphone that reflects the needs of Slovaks.  Now you can buy it too

Huawei has introduced a smartphone that reflects the needs of Slovaks. Now you can buy it too

Smartphones are such a common part of our lives today that we don’t even realize it. The reason is simple. One device holds many other devices and offers many different functions. However, it is not always possible to limit all requirements to a reasonable price, so the choice narrows.

Source: Huawei

According to a survey conducted by NMS The most common reason for buying a new device for Slovaks is the damage or destruction of an old phone, which was mentioned by 48% of respondents.. At the same time, every fifth Slovakian states that he is ready to buy a new mobile phone if he finds one with a good performance ratio.

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If you are still looking for a phone that offers the latest features and looks great, look no further. Huawei Introduce a new smartphone Nova 9, which meets all the requirements of Slovaks. As up to 54% of survey respondents said that in addition to basic communication, they also use a phone to surf the Internet, and even more than half 6.6 inch big screen It turns all these activities on your smartphone significantly more convenient. In addition to the large screen, the thickness of the smartphone is essential for almost a third of users. Probably everyone prefers a smart and light phone, thanks to which Nova 9 has become the best candidate in this field as well. Thanks Ultra-thin 7.7mm thick body a Weighs 175 grams Holds well in one hand.

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Source: Huawei / Patrik Matejčík

Battery that does not disappoint

Nowadays, battery life is one of the biggest concerns of daily use. Probably everyone knows the situation when he had to check the battery several times a day and in the worst case, which often happens, to allocate time for charging. This is an unnecessary complication at the moment.

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However, this is a thing of the past with the nova 9 smartphone. Like previous Huawei smartphones, this one too Modernity features a large battery that lasts all dayRegardless of how long you use the phone and how often you use it. In addition, the charging does not take much time, thanks The Huawei SuperCharge charger is very fast, which charges the phone from zero to half in just 15 minutes, while you have to wait only 38 minutes for a full charge from zero to one hundred percent.

Source: Huawei / Patrik Matejčík

One of the biggest advantages is a professional MMA wrestler Attila Vig. Many world and European champions have declared long battery life a prerequisite on his busy days. “There are days when I don’t even have time to look at the percentage of battery in my phone. That’s why it’s great if I don’t have to control it. With the new Huawei nova 9 the flashlight will last all day. And if I forget to put it in the charger in the Evening, half an hour of charging before training is enough in the morning and I can carry on,” Attila Vig says.

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However, the incomparable benefits of the nova 9 smartphone do not end there. can brag Four lenses ensure picture quality every time, even in low light conditions. Main rear lens boasts Resolution 50 Megapixels, but also in the foreground and portrait The camera is up to 32 mega pixel. The camera, of course, does not lack the ability to zoom, which is important for up to 35% of respondents from the survey. Huawei nova 9 also has Zoom 50x Maximum magnification is allowed for all objects. It is equipped with advanced day and night shooting modes that allow you to capture all your experiences, whether in the light or in the dark. But one thing is for sure – it will not detract from the quality of the photos.

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Source: Huawei / Patrik Matejčík

Thanks to its features, the new model has become a direct part of the life of MMA wrestler Attila Vig. “I use the phone a lot in training now. Since I use it to take pictures and record videos as well as make phone calls, a high-quality camera is very important to me – and I can always count on Huawei for that too.” Confirms.

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