January 27, 2022

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Huawei continues to decline, and the company’s total revenue is reduced by nearly a third

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei revealed the financial situation in 2021. It does not come with happy news, it has had one of the worst years in terms of economic results. The company’s total revenue decreased by a significant 29% compared to the previous year, Writes PhoneArena.

The significant drop in Huawei’s revenue is largely due to US government sanctions, which affect the company’s business around the world. There is no indication that trade restrictions will ease or even stop. Thus, a slowly beginning 2022 could be in the same spirit for Huawei as 2021.

Huawei has lost access to hardware and software components produced by US companies. The resulting barrier on the way to chips has forced the company to use 5G contactless chips in its smartphones.

Aloster. Photo: Qualcomm

The absence of apps and services from Google is still a big problem. Huawei President Guo Ping Guo admitted that the smartphone field has suffered the most. However, he added that they foresaw the situation and expected a decrease in revenue from smartphone sales.

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The bag is torn with the covers: Xiaomi will also have a small foldable smartphone

“We have improved the quality and efficiency of our operations and expect to end the year with total revenue of 634 billion yuan.” Guo Bingguo said. Huawei announces 2021 sales in 2021 88.4 billion euros.

Huawei is not giving up despite the existing trade barriers. He sold his subsidiary Honor, which became a separate entity. A key part of this story is that Honor can restore access to Google apps and services.

It is also constantly developing its own Harmony OS, which is available in version 2.0. The mobile platform should see another major update to version 3.0 this year.

In addition, the manufacturer managed to take the direction of “serendipity”, at the end of December it introduced the foldable smartphone P50 Pocket, which could be a strong competitor to the Galaxy Z Flip 3, without penalties. The new MateView GT gaming monitors have recently entered our market.

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