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How to use a bluetooth headset on the switch

How to use a bluetooth headset on the switch

Photo: Nintendo Live

Firmware Update The Nintendo Switch allows you to use your wireless headphones directly with the console (no external dongle or third-party solution is required to use Apple Airboats, PowerBeats, and other popular Bluetooth headphones.

In this Nintendo Switch Wireless Headphone Connection Guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to connect a plane to a power switch and learn how to set the maximum headphone volume to your liking. This will address some common Bluetooth audio issues and provide possible solutions.

Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Headset Connection Guide

In this guide to wireless headphones with a switch, we’ll look at how to connect a Bluetooth headset to the switch, as well as some common problems and questions you might have.

Noticeable: Throughout this article, we’ll be using aircraft as an example (because these are the Bluetooth headphones we have), but most of the information below applies to any wireless headphones, earbuds, or other Bluetooth audio devices you own.

Let’s start with the basics…

How to connect Apple Airboats with a key

go first ‘system configuration’ Scroll down to the home screen (the second circular icon at the bottom right) and down bluetooth audio in the left column.

Noticeable – Make sure your key is up to date Latest software – Bluetooth audio update received Version 13.0.0 To check the system version, scroll down at the bottom of the System Settings column under System. Under “System Update” you should see “Current system version: XX.XX”.

handle ‘Add a tool’ The computer starts searching for recognizable Bluetooth audio devices. It will direct you right away, and make sure that your Bluetooth device (headphones, speaker, etc.) is recognized and not locked to another device.

For example, in the case of Apple Airbnbs, the airbags must be inserted into the case, open the lid and hold the case button until it flashes white, and enter detection mode (see instructions for specific headphones or earphones).

Once the console recognizes this, Choose a device Connect the console to your headphones. the work is done!

How do I adjust the volume of my headphones to the switch?

Press and hold the Home button (Joy-con on the right) and a popup will appear that you can adjust the volume of the connected headphones (as well as the screen brightness).

IMG 5663

Can I use wireless headphones with a switch in the dock?

Yes really.

We’ve switched the portable format back to portable mode without interrupting or interrupting BT audio.

Frequently asked questions about Bluetooth audio issues for Nintendo Switch

Twentieth Century Cable Headphones
Twentieth Century Cable Headphones (Photo: Nintendo)

Anyone with experience with Bluetooth audio devices may have trouble connecting at some point. It’s a good idea to keep in mind that Bluetooth was not originally designed to perform serious, sound-intensive traffic, and problems can occur for a variety of reasons.

In this section, we list common problems that arise from solutions and explanations. We update this guide with additional questions and solutions.

My airports are not connected to the switch

If your headphones are not recognized on your switch, or if they were previously connected to your switch but not connected to it the following The device may be prevented from communicating with your console.

For example, if your airports are connected to your iPhone, they won’t be able to connect to your transfer switch. If so, you may want to disable Bluetooth on your phone (on the iPhone, you can quickly disable BT without having to go to settings by tapping the Bluetooth icon at the bottom).

I set the switch to sleep mode and now it won’t reconnect to my airports

If you play and go to sleep by pressing the hold button, the headphones will be disconnected from the power switch.

Assuming you didn’t fix it with another device, the bluetooth headset should automatically reconnect to the switch – you’ll need to briefly remove it from your ears for the recording connection (depending on which airports you use) (this is necessary with our AirPro Pro).

very calm! How do I turn off the headphones on the switch?

Some people like the very low levels of switching with airboats and other Bluetooth headphones.

While the max volume always seemed to be lower than on other audio devices (we tested Apple wired headphones and found the max volume was louder – really dark, but of course the mileage varies here), I enabled the ‘minimum’ volume in headphones. .

Maximum Headphone Volume is located in the System settings and not in the Bluetooth Audio section (below the section in the main system settings menu) and is designed to prevent accidental noise.

5. Nintendo turn off the maximum headphone volume minimum

If you enable it, tap to deactivate it (if you have parental controls, you have to open it by entering it—check out the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app that came with it to find it if you forgot it.

When we turned off Max Headphone Volume, we found the in-flight audio to be quite comfortable, and the AirPro Pro’s noise canceling was good to hear. However, when using Apple Airbnbs, the max volume seems quieter than other brands.

We will update more information after testing.

I could not connect drivers when using a Bluetooth headset

This is one of Nintendo’s highlights – a maximum of two consoles can be connected to one console when using Bluetooth audio.

For two players using one game, you’ll be fine. However, if you’re playing in tablet mode and someone wants to use it, tell a professional, and a little message will remind you:

Two wireless controllers can be used while playing Bluetooth audio.

It should be noted that enabling local multiplayer will turn off Bluetooth audio.

Can I use my Bluetooth microphone for voice chat?

No, unfortunately, this is another hurdle. Nintendo expressly states that:

Bluetooth microphones cannot be used.

Why is the sound delayed from activity on the screen?

Bluetooth may have become a call to quickly transfer data between devices, but that’s not ideal for high-quality audio and you may notice some audio lag.

Downtime will vary depending on your device. For example, we saw the sound of Sonic jumping when using airplanes Sonic 2The character cannot be heard until he approaches the top of the jump. Audio delay is visible and can have a negative effect if game audio is critical to the game.

Play something like this Hyrulin CodensRelying on an accurate keystroke, for example, can be tricky. However, you may not even notice the audio delay in other games. It all depends on what you are playing and how sensitive you are.

We hope you found this guide useful. We’ll update this over time, so if you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below and we’ll work it out.

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