January 29, 2022

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How to make a two-room block of stylish living apartments with three bedrooms

The designer turned a two-room apartment in a block of apartments into a very interesting living room with three bedrooms. After the reconstruction, the apartment radiates a harmonious atmosphere, it looks cozy not only because of the fixtures and patterns used, but also because of the chosen color. Dark green and blue in combination with beige and gray create a calm interior with unusual depth.

Three women (grandmother, mother and young student) originally lived in another city, but after the girl was accepted to the university they decided to move. Mom is engaged in business activities, she is associated with her frequent trips and business trips, and does not plan to spend a lot of time at home.

Living room with a silver doormat

In the living room, on the wall behind the sofa, you will find a silver mural. Source: Julia Chernova

The student loves art and needs space to learn. Grandma takes care of the house. These three women wanted a stylish and modern interior, and despite the small area of ​​u200bu200bthe apartment, it could also provide a lot of comfort. Unfortunately, they could not buy an apartment large enough to provide each family member with a separate room.

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It was already clear that the apartment should have three beds – there was nothing to replace the sofa in the living room. Mother and grandmother preferred the traditional family, and the girl was ready for a more daring option – a mattress in the sleeping area. The solution was created by dividing the original bedroom into two parts. Here the mother and grandmother are sleeping. The daughter’s sleeping area found a space next to the living room, where there is also a place for her mother to study and work. The sleeping areas are separated by dividers that take up little space and allow light to pass through the overhead skylights. It can be easily disassembled if necessary.

Work Corner

The student needs a learning space and it has been created in the living room. Source: Julia Chernova

He didn’t enjoy asbestos in the shower, he’s gone

There are problems with every old apartment, and there were a few in this too. Partitions in the bathrooms were made according to an ancient technology from a hazardous material – the so-called flat slab, in fact it was asbestos. In addition, they wanted to have a separate toilet and bathroom combined into a more spacious one. Therefore, it was decided to completely dismantle the sanitary cabin (concrete partitions and platform) and rebuild it with modern materials. Existing windows and balcony doors are given a new look thanks to natural wood paneling frames. Originally there was cheap and ugly plastic.

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The kitchen stayed where it was. Today, everything in it runs on electricity and gas is closed. Under the window, the designer managed to insert a soft bench and create a dining area around it – a dining table with benches.

mosaic corridor

For the hallway and kitchen, the designer chose ceramic faience with geometric patterns. Source: Julia Chernova

Patterns, textures, wallpapers and murals

Patterns and textures play a very important role in the design of the apartment. The front wall in the hallway and the walls behind the furniture in the dressing room are covered with light blue wallpaper with a blurred pattern. In the living room, on the wall behind the sofa, you will find a silver mural.

Entrance with paintings

Each corner is used in a two-room apartment. Source: Julia Chernova

The mother and grandmother’s bedrooms are again harmonizing the wallpaper – the grandmother’s wallpaper has a floral pattern in blue tones, and the mother’s bedroom is dominated by tropical palm trees of black beige. The young lady has alcove walls and a sleeping platform softened with natural cork. The floors in the bedroom and living room are hardwood with a French herringbone pattern.
For the hallway and kitchen, the designer chose ceramic faience with geometric patterns. The glazed malachite tile called Moss Green acts as a screen.

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Why rich color accents?

“Although most of the walls are light, we also used quite rich color accents. However, none of them can be said to have won. Overall, the combination of light and peace, as well as bright accents, showed itself to be very harmonious. Customer support fully The resulting color palette for the apartment. For each of them, we chose our color scheme based on his personal preferences, “ Explains Julia Chernova.

bathroom with washing machine

the toilet. Source: Julia Chernova

Reconstruction of an apartment building in Moscow

Design studio: 3D set

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Authors: Julia Chernova

Location: Moscow, Russia

Floor area: 52 m2

Implementation: 2020

Sabina Zavarska
Source: Julia Chernova