January 22, 2022

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How to do business online.  You will learn it for free in Kosice

How to do business online. You will learn it for free in Kosice

There is no big investment, you need a mobile phone and a great desire to do something for your online business.


In Košice, they attend a unique free course called “How do you start a business if you only have a cell phone?” Professional training focused on forms of online business is provided by Košice Elite Development. Roman Fritsch, Managing Director, talks about the details of the project in an interview.

The course has an attractive name. How can it help young people who are considering an online business?

The world has been rapidly digitizing in recent years thanks to the Internet. New professions and self-employment opportunities are emerging, among which are entrepreneurship via the Internet and social networks. It naturally requires new knowledge, skills and knowledge. The aim of the course is to provide participants with basic information about this business, in which great taste, design and their mobile phone are especially important.

Today, young people probably have more choices than ever before…

definitely. When I started a business as a young man in the late ’90s, I had absolutely no cash. So I borrowed $150 from my acquaintance. After the fall of socialism, the market was big
Shortages of goods, services, and business were possible in almost any sector. But times have changed. Today, a young entrepreneur needs thousands of euros to run his business in a traditional business. But they usually don’t have such cash and the bank doesn’t just lend them money. It is for this reason that they often give up their dreams. However, they are different in online business. We have all heard about it, and we regularly see successful people in this field, influential, but we do not know how to take the first step and make sure that our work is also effective. With our free course, we want to help young people take that first step in their own business, which is the hardest step.

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The online space offers a myriad of business opportunities that can be used in many ways. Is one of these exercises enough?

Of course, you can’t learn everything about social networking during a short course. It is a broad subject that involves a variety of industries and requires a lot of study and practice. However, we want interested
Giving a broader idea of ​​the opportunities available in this business sector. Already during the course, each participant will have to create his own product, which he can build on and continue to work with. So we would like to impart not only theoretical but practical knowledge as well.

Who are the lecturers who will train the graduates of the course?

They will be young skilled people who have recently started a business on social networks and are doing well. So they can be a good incentive and example to others when they start their own business
Business. I think they will give course participants the courage to think seriously about their own business, even if they don’t have a lot of money.

Who will be able to attend the course and how can I register for it?

First of all you need to write a short motivational text on our email [email protected] A course like this takes time, coaches energy and our investment. Therefore, we want to ensure that all candidates have a genuine desire and motivation to learn more about online business. But we would like to give the opportunity to as many registrants as possible. The course is primarily intended for young entrepreneurs who have already started or are currently considering a business. We assume the majority will be young people, but we’re not opposed to other age groups either. One can start a business or improve business knowledge at any age.

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Can you get a little closer to the cycle?

We will create groups of about 20 people who are interested. They will first go through the first phase of the cycle in the 12-hour range. This will form a necessary basis for starting an online business. There will be plenty of tips, demos, and tips from young but experienced to help them find their way in online business. After completing this first stage, course participants must learn how to create the desired product, determine its price, invent its advertising, or choose communication and distribution channels. We will adapt the following phases of the course to the requirements of the participants, but they will be entirely focused on monitoring their use in real life.

When will the course be considered successful?

Our goal is to form a new business “ecosystem” in Kosice. By this I mean a community of young entrepreneurs who will learn about the course and connect later and
Help each other. They will pass on their knowledge and experience to each other thus enhancing the business environment in the city. We also want many startups and their creators to collaborate with freelancers, who together can create an interesting product not only for the Slovak market. About a team that combines the energy and ideas of many people, the drive and the desire to do something new that grows. I look forward to it!

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