November 28, 2021

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How the European Parliament wants to strengthen cybersecurity in the European Union (Interview) News

How the European Parliament wants to strengthen cybersecurity in the European Union (Interview) News

How is this pandemic of attacks affecting the lives of residents and the management of communities?

We believe that the risk of a ransomware attack is possible in any region that provides services to the population. It could be a local government, a hospital, or a local manufacturing company. This is why Parliament and Parliament are working on legislation. The goal is to increase the protection of these service providers against hacker attacks. EU companies providing essential or important services are required to meet certain security standards. Countries will also build capacity to assist victims of these attacks as well as ensure that information is shared with other countries.

What exactly does Parliament want to achieve?

Parliament wants this legislation to be ambitious. To have a large scale and to be able to provide assistance to those who help us maintain and improve our way of life. Europe should be a safe place to live and do business. And this legislation cannot be delayed, we need it ASAP.

Why act fast?

In cybersecurity, it is important not to be the weakest. EU companies invest 41% less in security than they invest in the US. The US is already working on legislation in quick action, which could make European companies an easier bite for hobbyists, which no one wants.

Another reason is that the cybersecurity community has developed problems over time that need to be addressed urgently. Security professionals often have questions about the GDPR guidance on whether or not they can share security data. A solid legal basis for sharing this data must be established in order to prevent cyber attacks.

What challenges can Parliament expect during the negotiations?

The discussion will certainly address the scope and question of which actors should be involved. We also need to discuss management impact on business. Parliament is convinced that this legislation will protect business, but its application must remain practical and simple. Another challenge is directly related to the core of the Internet, domain-naming-based services. The European Commission and the Council want to put this area under regulation. Even Russia and China want to act this way, I’m basically against it, and we have to maintain the basis so that it is free and open, and we also maintain the multi-stakeholder model.

Why is it important to have common EU rules on cybersecurity?

The basis of the new rules is the work of the internal market. It does not matter if you do business in Slovakia, Germany or the Netherlands, the common level of security requirements should be the same in each country. You must also be able to trust that the country in which you reside has an effective security infrastructure. Therefore, we must coordinate the rules and thus provide the expected security for our citizens.

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