October 22, 2021

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xiaomi dual pump charging

How does Xiaomi’s 120W charging work?

So far, the fastest charging of a smartphone that we can try in Slovakia and in the editorial office.

It came with a smart phone Xiaomi 11T Pro And directly in the package there is a 120W charger, so the manufacturer meets the wishes of most users and adds a superfast charger. You don’t have to pay more for it, like you like to do Samsung or Apple. To take full advantage of the device, simply check the entire contents of the box. We will also applaud. Well, that’s the time, once of course, today is a privilege worthy of admiration. # ronnie

27 watts

Xiaomi started its journey for a really noticeable and gradual increase in fast charging speed with the Mi 9 model. And there was support for charging up to 27W. One of the fast chargers we tested in practice was also with this brand at 67W. This speed is supported by many models, including Mi 11. The Lite version has “only” 33W charging.

120 watts

The advantage of all this is not just a quick charger for your smartphone. A laptop or other type of device can also be charged with this charger. You can still charge other smartphones with it without such fast charging support, as well as headphones or other accessories. It supports different output voltage and does not provide the highest performance by default. It will only provide it after verifying that the device is able to receive it. So, you don’t have to be afraid to plug in and charge your headphones.

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Xiaomi goes so called double way. It charges two separate batteries, so it’s possible to increase overall performance without the risk of overheating. Charging is more stable and each 2500mAh battery uses separate power distribution.

Xiaomi Dual Pump nabĂ­janie

How does it look in practice?

We tried to measure this process. The manufacturer claims that charging takes 17 minutes, which is true. It is really fast shipping and time 17 minutes From full discharge to 100%. So, in practice, you have a smartphone charged to 60% once you go to make coffee, and stop at a small need, literally tested.

The bottom line is that within 5 minutes you will be charging your phone with that jump which would take half an hour for other phones. But what is the percentage jump relative to other phones if I plug them in for 5 minutes? It would be 7% or a little more. Well, it will also depend on what level you are charging it to.

Here’s how shipping worksThis starts slowly. According to the meter, we were able to reach a value of 97.6 watts after about 30 seconds. The screen must be turned off to take full advantage of charging. Once the screen is turned on, there will be a drop in charging speed from any level above about 27.8 watts to about 4 watts per second. It will stop at the mentioned level even if you are using the phone. When the screen is off, the charging switches to higher power and It will rise in degrees of about 4 watts.

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Another interesting thing is the oscillation of speed, it is gradual but moves to a certain extent. In our case, we recorded this phenomenon between 45 and 78 W. We did not check whether the long-term fluctuation is determined by the battery capacity, or if it is a fluctuation in the specified range. We only registered it in it and it is possible that it is conditioned by the charging capacity.

Either way, it practically didn’t matter, we had less than 17 minutes for these trials. We charged the smartphone from a level just above 10% of the battery charge.


From our practical point of view We assess 120 watts charging as a revolution. It’s so convenient you can practically forget about something like charging your phone. At the time we tested the phone, there were different life situations in which one is aware of the charging speed.

We are still talking about a 5000 mAh battery, which is really a very good capacity in terms of endurance and body size of the smartphone. The manufacturer, at least for the Xiaomi 11T Pro, is not trying to deceive you with its 4000 mAh battery, average charging method, and the argument of how fast you can charge it 100%. You are charging a real battery, so to speak.

With our practice, we rate 65W charging as enough for a comfortable life with mobile phone for busy people. We often find ourselves thinking it’s too fast that we don’t need it that fast. The time comes slowly when it takes a few minutes for the phone to charge and it will just be a marginal issue. So are we going to stop analyzing and recording the need to charge smartphones for a while to wait?

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