December 2, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Ako funguje karma, alebo ľudský osud?

How does karma or human destiny work? – Miriam Stodinova





Can you explain to me a certain inconsistency in the effects of the law of retroactive effect, by which the full and supreme justice of creation is achieved?

For clarity, I will give two descriptions that characterize this law, but are, in my opinion, contradictory:

the first:

Our ancestors have already said: As the mountain is called, so it is heard from the mountain! Or: God’s mills are grinding slowly but surely! And in a modern way we can say: What is the action, so will the reaction! ”


The power of the necessary retrograde will be multiplied by the effects of the monolithic forms drawn to the original fundamental form during their journey through creation. So it is true that what we sow – we will reap! So when we sow grain – we harvest the whole ear!

Now my question:

How can the reaction be the same and greater than the original verb? Is there no contradiction in that?

the answer:

What you see at first glance is a contradiction, in fact there is no contradiction. why? Because you didn’t take the time factor into account.

In the law of retrospective everything comes back either after a very short time, and many times it can be said almost immediately, or then only after a certain longer period of time – after years, decades or even much more.

After a “much longer time”, this can sometimes mean our previous earthly existence, because the Law of Universal Retroactivity takes into account not only our present short earthly life, but our entire being. This means our existence before and after this earthly life.

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Therefore, in a quick retrospective, the retribution returns to us almost immediately and immediately, and thus fully corresponds to what we sowed by our specific work, and thus evokes immediately.

However, the longer the period between the act and the return of the retrospective, the greater the action of another law, the law of equality, by which each individual retrospective gradually encircles homogeneity on its way through creation, and thus becomes more and more powerful. . In this way, the grain becomes an ear.

Knowing this law obscures the answer to the question of many who cannot sleep due to the fact that there are bad people who are clearly doing well in the long run, or even their whole life. But the truth is that these people did not win anything and did not take anything from anyone. exactly the contrary!

There is no man in the world who can escape the law of retroactive effect. However, the later this effect is lost, the greater its power and influence. This was because the grain one sowed eventually matured into a nail over time.

So one day each of us will have to experience the fruits of all our labors. It simply cannot be escaped. However, later, it will be stronger and more intense.