January 21, 2022

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How do you control the high cost of gas and electricity?  EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF FLEXIE

How do you control the high cost of gas and electricity? EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF FLEXIE

Shop at a fixed price and consume flexibly

ELGAS, as a long-term specialist in corporate power supply, supports the business of its clients in every situation. Just as entrepreneurs have to adapt to market situation or unforeseen circumstances, power supply must respond flexibly to the current needs of businesses.

The new FLEXIE product has simple conditions, companies and entrepreneurs do not have to monitor the rate of consumption. Stick to a predetermined consumption electricity whose Gas. The supply of energy is carried out without the condition of carrying consumption above or below the agreed volume and without the risk of penalties (so-called TAKE or PAY) for one fixed price during the entire supply period. The only requirement is the company’s annual consumption up to 1 gigawatt-hour.

roll Thus it is a solution for all small and medium-sized enterprises and companies that, for various reasons, cannot accurately estimate their energy consumption. These are, for example, companies in the field of building management, facilities management or the field of production, where the epidemiological situation still significantly affects occupancy and energy consumption, for example in offices or production premises.

The benefits of energy supply will also be estimated without the need to estimate consumption by seasonal or weather-dependent sectors, such as farms or fruit and vegetable growers. But it can also be used by the entrepreneurs who are just starting in the market and therefore they will not know their energy consumption until after a certain time.


  • A useful offer for those who don’t want to be restricted by consumption monitoring
  • No penalties from the so-called take or pay
  • Free electricity distribution cost analysis
  • Expert advice from ELGAS specialists when comparing quotes, setting tariffs and implementing consumption optimization
  • Long-term specialist background in corporate power supply
  • Individual approach to all customers, regardless of the volume of consumption
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With FLEXIE review of distribution costs for electricity and gas for free

Market experience shows that distribution costs are an important component of energy bills, so the FLEXIE product also includes a free distribution cost audit.

Electricity distribution costs can be up to 60% of the total bill. An audit will tell you how to reduce them thanks to simple and inexpensive actions. Thus the customer will not only get an overview of potential savings, but also an estimate of the return on technical measures to reduce distribution costs. In the case of gas, distribution cost control includes the suitability of the given distribution tariff set and the amount of the maximum daily gas volume.

FLEXIE ENERGY adapts to every business and will enable you to save thousands of Euros annually, not only through beneficial energy purchases, but also through savings on distribution costs.

How to choose an ideal power supply product for businesses

Autumn is usually the time when entrepreneurs think about different energy supply offerings and reconsider their existing contracts. However, they should compare comparable prices, i.e. not list price, but real offers that individual suppliers can and can offer.

At ELGAS, which has specialized in corporate energy supplies for 10 years, companies have many options to choose from to reduce electricity and gas payments. If you do not have energy specialists or managers in your company, use the many years of experience of our experts.

At ELGAS, we will advise you on the product that is most beneficial to your company or organization in terms of the volume and structure of your consumption, and help you achieve maximum savings and convenience.

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