January 21, 2022

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How do I update my AirPods?

How do I update my AirPods?

Apple releases new updates for its headphones from time to time.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you know that you can easily find the new version of the iOS software at Settings > General > Software Updates. And if you’ve just bought or received AirPods, you may be wondering how they work with them. Because Apple releases new updates for these devices from time to time.

Unlike many competing mobile phones of various brands, which allow manual update via the official mobile application, AirPods update In progress Automatically and without conscious user intervention.

In practical terms, this means that AirPody automatically checks for background updates as they are used. And if an update is available, it will be downloaded and It will be installed automatically when the headphones are in the charging case. Therefore, by the user No action is requiredEverything happens automatically and in the background.

this is the solution Increases the convenience of use, you don’t have to worry about anything AirPody will update automatically. On the other hand, you may appreciate some of the tools you can use to manually check for updates for your headphones.

This tool exists and It’s called Firmware Updater for AirPods. However, it is not available to ordinary users. It can only be used by Apple technicians who can use it to troubleshoot bad firmware or update headphones for users who have AirPody but don’t have another Apple device at home (Are they like that? 🙂).

So you can just wait for the headphones to update automatically. You can only do one thing manually and that is to check the current firmware your headphones. Connect the headphones to the iOS device, tap Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods Check the headphone version at the bottom of the headphone information screen.

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The latest version of headphones AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max as of the date this article was published G4C165.

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3rd generation Apple AirPods

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