January 29, 2022

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How can you try out the new features in Chrome before anyone else?

Google Chrome is a very popular web browser. It’s no secret that Google is behind it. Not only does this software company employ many developers who are constantly working to improve the various products and services offered by Google. This fact also applies to chrome browsers. New features like a treadmill are coming, but we don’t have access to all of them. why is that?

Many features are not available to regular users. This is mainly due to the fact that these functions may not be stable yet and may, for example, cause the application to crash. Therefore, Google tests it before it becomes available. Only after these tests will it be determined whether the functionality will be integrated into a stable version of the browser or not. It must also be said that not all new functions that the company is working on are positively received by users. Therefore, some of the features that we can read about from time to time do not end up finding a stable version of the browser. But today we will show you how You can try out these features which are not yet officially available.

How can you try out the latest features in Chrome?

We keep you updated on what new features Chrome developers are testing. In general, although it is not available for free in a stable version of the browser, it can still be tested. In most cases, they are in the section labeled chrome flags. If you want to find this section in the general settings, you will search in vain. Here’s how to turn on Chrome Flags:

  1. Type in the search box in Chrome chrome: // flags.
  2. It will then take you to Experimental settings, where you can choose from the available functions you prefer as shown and you can activate them.
  3. After choosing a feature that catches your eye, change its status to Maybe.
  4. After that, it is necessary Restart the browser. After restarting it, the function should work at full capacity. If you do not like the functionality, proceed as above and select Disabled instead of Enabled.

Chrome Flags embedded directly into files In the classic Chrome browser, where you can choose individual jobs. But there is a second way you can test the latest features in Chrome. In this case, installation is required google chrome canary.

chrome canary
Zdroj: vosveteit.sk, Chrome Canary

Many new features are being tested by Google through developer versions of the browser. We know a total of 4 versions of the browser. classic stable versionWe know better. Other versions of the browser Beta, Dave And the version just mentioned canaryThrough which Google publishes news first.

So, if you want to be among the first to test the new features of Google Workshop, check it out Play Store Don’t miss Chrome Canary. Let us also point out that both the first and second guides also work on a PC, where you can also try new features that are not officially available yet.

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