January 29, 2022

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How can a camera system help protect a company?

How can a camera system help protect a company?

Today, the camera system is not just an alarm issued when an unwanted person’s movement is detected. Konica Minolt’s state-of-the-art Mobotix camera system can protect a company on several levels. We have prepared an overview of the areas where you can use a modern camera system.

Entering the car

Today, any camera system on hand can photograph license plates. It is already used by most of the parking lots in large shopping malls. However, in addition to photographing the license plate, the camera system can go further. It can analyze the number of visits, measure traffic speed or verify the legality of entering the company’s premises. You can also achieve traffic flow at company entry by eliminating printed paper tickets (thus reducing the environmental burden) and promoting controlled entry of vehicles. Automatic control of the gate or barrier can be connected to the entrance. Vehicle condition documentation is an excellent aid to companies with a larger fleet of vehicles. The camera system reads the license plate, makes an image of all sides of the vehicle and stores the data in a database. In the event of any damage to the vehicle. You have the necessary records at your disposal immediately.


If you need to monitor outdoor areas before an unwanted person enters or flees a specific area, classic cameras often aren’t enough. It is important that the modern camera system (Mobotix) uses video analytics to detect the movement of people or vehicles. In case of bad weather conditions or long distances, it is advisable to combine camera systems with thermal cameras.

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internal security

In addition to classic monitoring of the interior of a company, warehouse or production line, a modern camera system can also detect whether employees wearing a safety helmet on their heads are entering production or whether employees are not committing safety violations at work during production. Mobotix camera systems also help protect corporate knowledge with the ability to control access and record people entering protected areas. In this way, you will accurately determine each employee’s right to enter certain parts of the company. You eliminate both the risk of theft and security breaches at work.

Thermal cameras with radiometry

A factory fire may cause serious damage. From damage to machinery and production interruptions to harm to the health of individual employees. Therefore, you would certainly welcome the possibility that thermal cameras with radiometry could be able to measure the absolute values ​​of the temperature of monitored objects. This service is particularly suitable in server rooms, archives, or places where any change in temperature could cause extensive damage. Thus, thermal cameras with radiation metering protect investments, business continuity and increase employee safety.

Video Analytics

If you already have your own camera system that you’re happy with and don’t want to change, you can enhance it with intelligent video analysis functions to detect and improve production and security processes. For example, through advanced image analysis and neural networks, visual quality controls can be implemented with automated sorting of quality and defective products in conveyors and production lines. All solutions are made to scale. So do not worry if you do not need such video analysis. Mobotix camera systems provide flexible and fully adaptable solutions just for your business.

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Off-grid solutions

If your company premises are large and contain areas where basic infrastructure (electricity, internet connection) is not available, modern camera systems can help with this as well. They are completely independent. Power is provided by solar panels and a built-in battery. Data transmission is provided by LTE technology. This will give you a live view of the areas you haven’t controlled yet.


Not only for logistics centers and delivery companies, a shipment tracking solution may be useful, which can be linked with the video technology of a carrier management system to automatically sort shipments. If the shipment is damaged, you can find out exactly what happened. The system contains a record to document the status of the shipment upon receipt or dispatch. Linking to B2B or B2C portals is normal, so customers can monitor the status of their shipment.