January 16, 2022

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How Andrea Kobasova achieved her dream: My confectioner from the TV show

How Andrea Kobasova achieved her dream: My confectioner from the TV show

In 2016, she signed up for MasterChef, saying that if she won, she’d take a chance. Although Andrea Kobasova (29) did not win, she made good on her commitment to the point. She started her own business in the confectionery industry.

Andrea Kobasova did not enter directly into the confectionery industry. She studied public administration at Trnava University, but last year decided to leave everything like that and focus on her own business. “I grew up in the village, and I have fond memories of my childhood. We spent a lot of time outside in the family yard,” she describes where her love for nature grew.

As a little girl, she was interested in flowers, collecting them and playing to make perfume from them. “My parents and I tried to get my brother and I involved in household chores from an early age. I loved helping my mother cook and bake in the kitchen, and I don’t think she had to force me to do that much,” Andrea laughs. At the time, even a few years later, she enjoyed cooking more than baking.

“In addition to studying at university and part-time jobs, I loved cooking quick and healthy recipes, and also considered it a form of mental health. I enjoyed discovering new ingredients, healthy alternatives and the like. I loved to cook for myself and my roommates,” he recalls school times. In addition to cooking, I gradually started trying baking.

Her brother was engaged in photography at the time, so he always immortalized her culinary creations. “I posted it on social networks and people liked it. We received positive feedback,” he says, adding that it was the motivation that drove her to be more creative, work on herself and improve. “I baked for my family, for my friends. But suddenly the foreigners started saying they wanted to taste my cakes.”

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From hobby to work

Her first professional creations were created in her mother’s kitchen in Komjatna. “As the demands increased, I started to think that this might be exactly what I wanted to do in life, and I started to think of it as a business.” Today he says a professional confectioner, she left her studies at that time in the last year of university and sat on the high school benches.

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“In order to be able to do business in the confectionery industry, I had to have a confectionery apprenticeship certificate,” he explains. She moved from her mother’s kitchen to her parents’ attic, where she built her own kitchen for commercial purposes. “We have a huge bureaucratic burden in Slovakia, and a myriad of issues had to be faced,” he adds, adding that this has not discouraged her either. Today, he is working for the second year in his own operation in Ružomberok, in much larger buildings, where two of his colleagues work.