January 17, 2021

Hotel Grand Chancellor UK Corona virus erupts into a ‘genuine concern’ for NSW, says Prime Minister Gladys Perriglion

Health officials have identified 10 NSW residents who visited a Brisbane hotel in the center of the highly contagious corona virus strain in the UK.

Since December 30, NSW Health has issued a warning to a traveler or employee returning to the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Brisbane.

NSW Premier Gladys Perezkillion said health officials in her state worked closely with their Queensland counterparts to identify NSW residents isolated at the hotel during that period.

“We know it’s very contagious, which means it’s very contagious,” Ms. Periglion told ABC News Breakfast.

“What we do know about the new strains of the virus is that you may still be infected after 14 days, which is why they need to be tested, stay at home and be isolated for at least 14 days and wait for health advice before them. Go out into the community.”

Zero cases of COVID-19 were reported in the NSW as of 8:00 last night, and two cases were found in hotel isolation.

A total of 20,437 tests were completed during the reporting period.

So far six variant COVID-19 cases have been attached to the Hotel Grand Chancellor.(ABC News: Mark Smith)

This comes after Queensland Health identified six cases of UK strain on a hotel cleaner, his partner and four returning passengers.

However the connection between the hotel cleaner and the passengers was not later discovered.

“When … you do not know how the virus spreads, you do not know if people accidentally left the building with the virus, then that is a real concern,” Ms. Periglian said.

Health Minister Brad Hazard today confirmed that NSW Health had discovered 10 people who had visited the Hotel Grand Chancellor.

“I am delighted to inform you that New South Wales Public Health is now in contact with all 10 people in New South Wales and that they are all self-isolated and subject to testing,” Mr Hazard said.

Elsewhere, Queensland authorities yesterday transferred 129 passengers from the Grand Chancellor to another hotel, ordering hundreds of staff and detainees to be isolated for another 14 days.

The Victorian government has issued a similar order to anyone isolated at the hotel during the same period.

Ms Perezkillian said even a single case of a new corona virus strain could have serious repercussions for the NSW.

“A case is a case of concern,” he said.

“The virus is so contagious that, in one case, it is worrying that it did not come on top of one case.

“So obviously when you’m still infected … of course it’s worrying, but every day is a battle of epidemics.”

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