November 28, 2021

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Hoss always came first with the H family, Marika's mother admits: My dreams have passed!

Hoss always came first with the H family, Marika’s mother admits: My dreams have passed!

The family of Marianne El Hoss (42 years old) has a new reason to be happy. The former Chicago Blackhawk bomber will be the third Slovakian in history to be inducted into the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Marián and Marcel Hoss’s mother, Marika Hossova, spoke exclusively on New Sunday about what such an important tribute to family means, but especially what life has been like with professional hockey, and about the path to the top.

I’ve woken up at 4:30 in the morning for twenty years to master the carousel – kids, work, hockey. Have you ever wanted to say enough is enough and I will not judge?

Let me tell you, it was tough. Sometimes you have a hard time and she doesn’t tell you more… and then the beautiful days come along, and that pushes you forward. Not enough and not enough. We had no family to help us. My husband played hockey professionally, so he was still on the road and I was mostly with the kids. In addition, I went to work in Ozetta on the sixth day.

How are the weekends in the Hoss family?

As students, the boys waved games on weekends – one weekend at home, one at the opponent’s court. When they were playing at home, I wanted to see them play. Marcel played a younger role in the morning, and Marianne in the afternoon. When we got home, everyone wanted to eat quickly. So I had to prepare the food in advance, prepare and organize everything. It was not like today, you call home delivery or go to the restaurant.

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The life of a great athlete is full of challenges. You had three at home. How did you deal with all this?

When my husband played professional hockey, everything was triple. It was just about who played the match, who got the training and everything in school. We were younger, but it was important to plan and get to know everything well. When the boys went to the hockey school in Sihoť in Trenčín and trained every day, they needed to get private lessons.

Did boys have trouble getting up early in the morning?

no never. Majko check to see if you have set the alarm correctly. (laughs) I don’t want it to sound like every parent compliments my kids. They often make mistakes or do something wrong, but when it comes to hockey, they really want to. They enjoyed it, enjoyed it and shared it with us.

How was Marcel and Marianne in their early childhood?

Majco has been very organized since he was a kid. When he came home from school, he immediately folded his clothes and put them in the locker. I still have him in front of my eyes and he has remained so for him. He is a great pedant, even at home he has everything in stock and must be in order. When Marcel saw her, she stuck to him. He saw his older brother as a role model. When the boys started playing hockey, we lived in an apartment building and were lucky to have a playground next to the house where kids play hockey and hockey all year round. In the winter, their parents made an ice surface there, and everyone was very pleased with it.

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Talk about this pedantry. Is it true that Marianne gave Marcel twenty carols to clean the house and take out the trash?

Yes, it has happened many times. (laughs) But that didn’t happen very often. Majko loved it when everything was shot and ready. Marcel is friendly and understanding. The boys had times when Marianne didn’t want to empty and take out the basket, so they argued financially.

Professional sports is a nun that comes with a lot of compromise. Aren’t you sorry about the passage of time that there is no holiday photo in your family album?

We’ve been through many times when there were so many family events, celebrations, or vacations that we regretted playing hockey. My friends would travel to the mountains in the winter or on summer vacations in the summer. We didn’t know that. We didn’t go skiing. I don’t mean it badly, but a lot of things had to go sideways. Hockey has always been our top priority. Majko was ten years old when she first took him by bus to sea to Yugoslavia. The husband was a professional soldier, he was not released. A year later, we took the bus to Barcelona again – just me and Marcel, who was literally snatched from the trip.

What about your personal dreams and desires? She graduated from the secondary clothing industry in Trenchin, and sewed excellent dresses, which she often attended at social events. Aren’t you sorry that you didn’t fully devote yourself to your hobby?

Yes, I had my dreams. Get your own shop and workshop and create beautiful mannequins. But there was no time or money for that. In addition, during the autocratic period, work was very demanding due to the stove. Therefore, at home, we asked ourselves who would better feed the family. It worked out for my husband…and since he was playing professional hockey at the time, he often stayed away in matches. I was left alone with my kids in Trenchen and it was all up to me. My dreams went sideways.

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What advice would you give to parents of potential future hockey players? Don’t you feel there is more pressure on children today than there was in the past?

It’s hard to say at a young age that I would raise a hockey player. It takes a lot of patience, sacrifice, love and it’s amazing when you succeed. Today, it is sometimes enough about the thoughts of parents. When a kid gets into setup, they actually see him playing in the NHL. This vision, requests and exaggerated expectations are not good and do not benefit children at all. How often do parents of novice hockey players ask me if I saw my sons when they were kids that they would one day play in the NHL. Well, when they skated when they were five years old in training, definitely not… When Marian first traveled to Toronto, we didn’t get home that he was going to play in the NHL someday. We saw that he was doing well, that he was skilled and we tried to support him. Our boys approached hockey responsibly and also had a role model in their husbands.