January 27, 2022

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Horizon Forbidden West promises 8 major improvements to the unit

Back in Aloe’s skin.

Horizon Forbidden West looks like a standard sequel. Bigger, better, more detailed. But the studio promises that there will be a lot of news in the game and they should offer higher Metacritic scores, greater player satisfaction, and therefore better game sales.

In GameInformer magazine, the studio has “pinned” 8 regions that have seen a massive improvement over Horizon Zero Dawn:

  • better scenes – In addition to better visuals, the sequel saw full motion capture in cut scenes, better facial expressions, and great illumination. This should affect not only the viewer, but also the entire story page of the game.
  • living world – The studio wanted the world to appear more lively. Thus, city dwellers got better animation, a new crowd system, better sound, and improved settlement systems. And so everything seems more lively and natural.
  • advanced ability tree – The game in Forbidden West has six different game modes – warrior, hunter, hunter, survivor, hacker, and machine master. Each discipline contains 20-30 skills, consisting of active and passive abilities, each with its own special skill in Valor Surge, a new special skill.
  • More scanning capabilities and information – Aloy will be able to continue learning about the enemies so that the player can then plan a strategy based on the combat. Various scanning tools are used for this, which in turn opens up new possibilities for gameplay.
  • Better side jobs and bonuses – If you feel that the side missions in Zero Dawn are not worth it, then the missions in Forbidden West will be worth it. At least that’s what the developers say. In addition, the game will be better rewarded for performing these side quests.
  • The least “brothel” in HUD – The authors have reduced the number of HUD items in the sequel, so there will be more Aloy and fewer HUD items on screen.
  • More time with friends – The story aspect of the game must also be improved through the relationships between the characters, who will be more focused on in the sequel.
  • Less time to kill – If you run out of materials required in the game to upgrade, you will be able to create a quest in the craft menu that will take you to the places where you come across these materials and save a lot of time searching for he-she.
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The horizon bans the west It will be released on February 18 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.


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