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Homestead Entertainment and Dennis L. Reed Release First Lady 3 at Urban Films, Part III, 2021

Homestead Entertainment and Dennis L. Reed Release First Lady 3 at Urban Films, Part III, 2021

Detroita June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Homestead Entertainment is working with Dennis L. Reed II Productions (DIIR) to release First Lady 3 on premium streaming services from Tubi and IMDb TV. Homestead has captured the market to produce and distribute BIPOC films to broadcast platforms, television channels, and theaters. Movies like Twenty Pearl Narrated by Felicia Rashad Script and directing Deborah Draper It has become a cornerstone of the quality of films to come in the coming years. The local broadcast services featured the best talent as in the movie “Indicting Who It Is Jonathan Carter? “championship Jennifer Williams Z filmov “Basketball Wives” A “She Said She’s Happy” premiere Jojo Castaneda aka “Jojo” Love and New York hip-hop, Remy Papuz.

Streaming this summer on Tubi and IMDb TV through Homestead Entertainment is the definitive release of the First Lady trilogy in association with Dennis L. Reedom II Productions. This summer’s premiere is First Lady 3, who debuted in the year Detroit a Atlanta. There are shows online to bring the party closer to the release date in Tuba at the end of June. Atlanta Black Storm Vodka will sponsor the show, BlackStorm – Vodka Ultra Premium (blackstormvodka.com) and the inclusion of gift bags sponsored by NRG, https://nrgee.co/and my drinks, https://my-beverages.com.

Director, Dennis L. Reed II He creates artwork, and gives reality stars the opportunity to act. Limastor Spratling, Michael James Alexandera Aaron Matthew Atkesona July Gregorya Charlita Renea King Wesleya Hunter Veleda There are other familiar faces from Reed’s earlier work. Written by Juan Ford a Dan Rigo Which he co-produced with Reed together Sonia Rene and product part Nancy Ozwin Give the movie life.

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The trio of Nicole “Hobbs” led star Alexander gently until the end of Mariah’s role. Nicole was the first lady proving that a team of film industry veterans can lead to success. Both women star in their performances in First Lady 3 as they fight between families in the background Detroit, Michigan. Greed, murder and ambition lead all the characters to a fight to the death.

About home entertainment
Homestead Entertainment is a distribution service that offers the community the best selection of entertainment covering all genres. Homestead is a global distribution company with offices in Angels a New York. Homestead’s extensive library of movies, TV series and originals is available on most US streaming devices. To view new releases on demand, visit www.homesteadentertainment.com.

About the production of Dennis L. Reed II
Dennis L. Reed II Productions is a production brand that showcases talent in all aspects of acting. BIPOC films and TV shows are produced at DIIR headquarters. The specialization in DIIR Independent Films is reflected in entertainment. For more information visit www.diir.com.

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