January 21, 2022

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Homeless man's reaction to vaccination opponents stunned the entire Noizz world

Homeless man’s reaction to vaccination opponents stunned the entire Noizz world

Protests by people who refuse to be vaccinated are still common in various countries around the world, including the United States, where a demonstration was recently held on the streets of Los Angeles. A large group of anti-truck cars did not drive through the city streets carrying various signs and shouting into the megaphone why people should not be vaccinated.

There will be nothing special about this protest if the passersby fail Capture a funny moment that is now entertaining people all over the world. It happened when a protester was speaking into a megaphone about the homeless, of whom there are many in Los Angeles. “Do you see all these homeless people around? Did they die in the street because of Covid? No. Why?”

Now, a homeless man was passing by, and he immediately shouted at her: “Because I’m grafted, you idiot.”

as he knows LadBible websiteA video from this moment appeared in the profile Tweet embed On Twitter and registered More than three million views and tens of thousands of likes And a number of commendable comments for the appropriate reaction of a man Many called him the “hero”. The comedy is all about timing, and according to them, this guy managed it perfectly. Although his reaction didn’t stop the woman from shouting into the megaphone, according to online discussions, his comment was the perfect solution, which can no longer be contradicted. too much He criticized the protester for insensitivity to the homelessAs if they were a thing, or as if they hadn’t heard what they were yelling at them. She appreciates the reaction of the homeless man who opposed her in this way.

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The video became so popular that the founder of FilmThePoliceLA, who originally posted the moment, He decides to find a homeless man to ask him what he can do for him. Finally, the profile reported that they had found the man. “His name is Ray. I went to the bank to give him some cash. He does not have an ID card or a phone. He’s waiting for his ID and says he’s next planning to get a cell phone.”

“Beam of people across the country, as well as abroad, He laughed well, but he also sent them a powerful message, “ Added a profile. To help with housing and other matters, such as their own bank account, Rais created crowdfunding page, employment Over $30,000 has already been raised. Ray has even hosted broker Jimmy Kimmel through his antivirus link, which, according to Twitter users, has spent up to $5,000 on crowdfunding.

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