October 23, 2021

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Home prices in UK record highest growth since 2007 :: TOP Reality

Home prices in UK record highest growth since 2007 :: TOP Reality

By Robert Bosak,

The dynamic growth of prices in the British real estate market continues. Family home prices have a significant impact on this, with the exception of a few months when they are still rising. Prices continued to rise in September.

The rise in British home prices in September did not bring further acceleration in prices. According to the company HalifaxAs the UK’s largest mortgage lender, it constantly monitors home price improvements, the highest growth rate in many years. It finally reached its peak a few years before the last major crisis erupted.

Source: standard.co.uk

Family home prices rose 1.7%

A multi-year high of Rs 1.7%. The rate of increase in house prices has increased for the third consecutive month on a monthly basis. The monthly growth level of prices was higher in August compared to July 0.8%In September, the growth rate was twice as fast. As a result, home prices in the UK have risen to levels not seen in 14 years.

Quarter price growth was only 0.2% lower

Rapid growth was not recorded only on a monthly basis. The price increase was also reflected compared to the last 2 quarters. Housing prices Were in Great Britain in the 3rd quarter of 2021 1.5% More than the previous one. However, in contrast to the monthly comparison, a result of more than 1% is not sufficient to reach a multi-year high.

Year-on-year growth is higher than in August

Even more than 7% of the results recorded in the annual comparison are not enough to reach another multi-year high. There have been many similar results in recent months. September Price growth Reaches 7.4% So it is much higher than it has been in recent years. Compared to the previous month, this is again slightly higher. British family homes rose “only” in August 7.2%.

Source: jamesedition.com

Text: Robert Bosack

Source: TASR – tasr.sk, Halifax – halifax.co.uk

Photo source: standard.co.uk, jamesedition.com

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