January 22, 2022

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Hockey World Cup U-20: Shimon Latcucci vomited from exhaustion, cried after the end

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In the junior championship, Shimon Latkoshi impressed not only with his excellent performance in matches against the USA and Sweden, but also with his outspoken criticism of the organizers.

Restarting the tournament just talks about not having such a shame

His Instagram status was also published by Canada’s largest sports television, TSN or Sportsnet. The 19-year-old goalkeeper was very disappointed because he wanted to show everyone that he could compare with the best, despite the lack of a centimeter. We met him on the US junior team, Madison Capitols.

I wrote from your heart what you think of the canceled World Junior Championships on your instagram profile. Do you want to get angry?

“We simply learned about it at the time. I also wondered if I could do it. Several things didn’t work out from the start. That’s why I summed up my thoughts on the platform. I stand by it.”

After this situation, she gained a thousand followers during the night, and the Canadian media shared it. What do you say in that?

“I did not expect it to spread like this. I also received a lot of positive news. I was pleasantly surprised by the support. I also received a few journalists, but only from the local media. I was pleased with the positive response from the club coach who said I wrote it correctly and did not I transcend any limits.”

The teams appeared to be self-isolating but did not receive a “bubble” from the organizers.

“Yes, there was no ‘bubble’. They were even allowed to go for walks in the city, but no one was outside in the temperature below 40 ° C. We lived in a ‘bubble’, but strangers ran around the hotel. I don’t understand how That could happen.”

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There is talk of resuming the championship in the summer. How do you feel about it?

“I don’t believe in it. Now it’s just talk that they’re throwing it under the rug and don’t be shy about it. I don’t think that would be possible in the summer. NHL clubs have rookie camps, there’s summer training, and the NHL draft. I can’t imagine that.”

Last year you showed that you can catch up to the highest junior level. Perhaps you are sorry that you were not able to show your full performance at nineteen.

“Yeah, I was really looking forward to the championship. I was ready and not going to get this out of myself for long. For 2002, this was my last chance to show up. I will probably be disappointed in me forever, because I will hardly ever experience such a match.”

Have you noticed positive feedback on your performance?

“Yes, I appreciate it. I tried to hold the best I could. I put everything in it.”

Shimon Latcuchi and Marco Stacha

Source: IIHF

It was obvious that you improved the technique. Your style should be very physically demanding.

“Is that right? I’m less, I have to move more in the goal area. I’ve improved over the past year, but I haven’t had a game like that in the States for a long time. After the meeting, I vomited and ended up on injections. In the third period, I struggled Incredible cramps. I’m even more sorry that I sacrificed everything for this and that’s what happened.”

How did you manage to catch yourself in the cramps?

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“In the third inning, about seven minutes before the end of the game, I prayed that there would be an ad break and I could go and put the magnesium on the swing. I had such a cramp in my hand that I was holding my hockey stick that I couldn’t move it. I would do anything For this team. It was one of the toughest matches of my career so far.”

Pictures from the end of the tournament testified to an excellent game. What do you think that?

“We simply knew it back then. I have people as a family, especially in 2002. We’ve been going to tournaments together since I was 15. Nobody had a problem with anyone in the booth and we showed respect and appreciation. Everything a team should have. I admit that I cried at the end and wasn’t the only one.”

Your problem is missing centimeters. Do you think scouts without your name?

“Height will still be my problem. I don’t know if scouts see me more. At present, only goalkeepers are drafted, because players in this position are still mature later. That’s why I decided to go to university, because it will give me another four years of advancement. And I will be seen in America. There is a chance. I don’t see it in the draft, but I look favorably into the future.”

It can be seen that the nineteen-year-old goalkeepers are technically quite different from what it was five or six years ago. What do you say in that?

“We just knew it back then. New things are being worked on, experts have been added around the world. It wouldn’t be fun without innovation.”

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