January 27, 2022

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Hockey World Cup 20 – Slovakia – Final nomination, three players withdrew

Yesterday 17:53

The coaching team, led by coach Evan Venis, decided after one preparatory match before the U-20 World Hockey Championship and 4-0 victory over Germany in the form of the final nomination, which did not accommodate three players.

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The Slovaks traveled to Canada with 28 hockey players, but only 25, 22 skaters and three goalkeepers could write it down for the tournament list. Defenders Oliver Vattol and Shimon Grosch and striker Oliver Stumpel Cerny Peter received and were disqualified from the nomination.

Vattol and Grouch have already left Camp Red Derry and will travel from Edmonton via Toronto to Vienna on Christmas Day. Stümpel will leave the team on December 25 and return to NAHL’s Corpus Christi IceRays Club.

“We knew it simply at the time. We debated for a long time and finally decided that Oliver Vattol, Simon Gross and Oliver Stumpel would leave the team. I will repeat that this was a very difficult and long decision.

Together with our colleagues, we tried to find the best compromise that would be most beneficial to the team. In the end, less decision was made to play games against boys. However, we believe that even such an unpopular decision will propel them forward in their careers. Hockey is the same,” he said to hockeysl Slovakia.sk Technical Director Evan Fiennes.

There are 25 hockey players on the shortlist, three of whom are goalkeepers. “We were able to put together a great team with a clear identity. We have the experience, the predation, the youth, the high quality and the players who are ready to take shots and handle tough battles. We made a really strong team,” Feneš added.

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The first sharp duel awaits the Slovaks on Sunday night until 3.30 a.m. Sunday, when the US elections will stab them.

Final nomination for Slovakia in the FIFA U-20 World Cup:


Simon Latkozi

Tomáš Boľo

Rastislav Elias


Denis Bacala

Simone Picard

Joseph Kimich

Samuel Kachko

Simon Nemec

Ryan Petrovich

Marco Stacha

Maxim Strback


Jacob Demick

Dalibor Dvorsko

Roman faith

Martin Kromiak

Maroš Jedlička

Matty Kashlik

Samuel Craggie

Yan Lachak

Philip Mishar

Oleksij Myklucha

Servak ​​Petrovsky

Juraj Slavkovsky

Adam Skoura

Pavol Štetka

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