January 21, 2022

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Hockey World Cup 20 – Simon Nemec: We wanted to fight for a medal

Today 13:53

We are all sorry for what happened with the World Championships. We wanted to fight for the medal championship. We didn’t start well, but he was determined. We planned to show that against the Russians. So we return to Slovakia sad.

general draft

After a mistake from Swede Leo Love, I had a headache for some time. Perhaps the network helped me, too, but the effect on the shelf was worse. The disc tangled between my legs, and I threw it and didn’t expect my opponent to hit me like that. He’s fine now. I’m glad the coaches trusted me in two games and I have a lot of space on the ice.

I’ve been preparing for it all year long and I think I’ve managed it really well. After the second stint with the US, we said it wasn’t going to go that way, and then came the excellent four-thirds. However, we are sorry that we did not score a goal against the Swedes.

Maybe we were a little overwhelmed by karma when everyone said this team wouldn’t have a problem with goals and in the end we got them. But the power in the attack was . We thought we would show it in the tournament and it would gradually rip.

Simon Nemec and Juraj Slavkovsky twice lost the championship at the age of under eighteen, and now it has been repeated in the World Under-20 Championship.


I had myself nine shots against the Sweden national team, and I pulled it off for the last time in the first round of the extra league against Spišská Nová Ves. I didn’t shoot the Americans, so I repeated that I should change that. An unfortunate situation began across the United States when positive players jumped in. I don’t know if they met anyone at the hotel or where they might be infected. As for us, I can only say that we kept everything, we wore the veil faithfully everywhere except the locker room and the ice, we limited our contact with others.

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We didn’t mind that we were still locked up. However, there are unpleasant temperatures below 35 degrees. We’ve got jackets and sweaters and we’re still cold with the frost trickling under the skin.

Time passed very quickly. Either we’ve trained, played, or broken up our opponents. We have two reserved floors and in the common room we also have lunch and dinner. We did it in peace.

I have to admit, I felt much more caring about those around me. There were a lot of scouts, they said my name, but I don’t admit it. I used to enjoy playing hockey in the first place and not think about the pressure. Both the Americans and the Swedes had excellent defenders.

I paid more attention to the fights between Simon Edvinson and Jake Sanderson. One was five drafts a year ago and another six were finally selected. They are great guys who go to the NHL. I would go in the same direction.

ŠIMON NEMEC, Defense Captain of the Slovak U-20 National Team