January 22, 2022

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Hockey World Cup 20 – Global media response: Corona virus killed hockey

Yesterday 14:10

Foreign media responses to the premature end of the U-20 World Hockey Championship in the Canadian cities of Edmonton and Red Deer:

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iSport.cz (Czechoslovakia): “Premature end! The World Junior Championships is not over yet, the International Football Association (IIHF) has canceled the rest of the tournament. The tournament management has done so due to the spread of infection.” It was a somewhat leaky bubble. The hotel was normally open to the public.”

iDnes.cz (Czechoslovakia): “The U-20 World Hockey Championship will not be completed, and the rest of the tournament has been canceled after three games due to the Corona virus.

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Edmonton Sun (Cannes.): “They stole the tournament – for the players, the fans and the hockey community. Two Americans, one Czech, one Russian – four positive cases were enough for FIFA to cancel the entire U-20 World Championship, a week before the gold fight. There was nothing like NHL Calgary Flames.” The reason for the cancellation was only fears of the spread of the virus. No player was given the opportunity to vote on the fate of the World Cup.”

TSN (Canada): “The rest of the tournament has been cancelled. The players are very disappointed. They were very much looking forward to this tournament, and it meant a lot to them. They knew they had a good team, and they did well in the first two matches despite the loss. They took a picture of the team together after Announcement of cancellation, and they were very sorry that they could not continue.”

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The New York Times (USA): The rest of the tournament will not be held due to the Corona virus, the International Federation of Migration canceled this after the emergence of positive cases with the players to ensure the health and safety of all participants, and the decision came after the duel between Russia and Slovakia did not occur. ”

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Newspaper (Rus.): “The Corona virus killed hockey. The World Junior Championships was cancelled. This was preceded by a series of positive tests for the Corona virus among players, including the captain of the Russian national team, Matvey Mikov.”

Sport Express (Russia): “The self-destruction of world hockey. The Olympics will be without NHL players, and the Junior World Championships have been canceled, what nightmare should we expect next?

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