January 27, 2022

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Hockey Slovan played on the nerves of the fans, and Kosice failed in the derby with Prešov.

Hockey Slovan played on the nerves of the fans, and Kosice failed in the derby with Prešov.

Slovenian hockey player Michal Cersen, goalkeeper Clint Windsor (Slovan) and Pavol Regenda (Michalovci) Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

Hockey players from Slovan Bratislava FC on Wednesday beat the 28th round of the extra-league Tepos over Hong Kong Dukla Engim Michalovci 5:4. The Bratislava residents made up for Monday’s loss at home to Spišská Nová Vsa (3:4) and have already won 11 From the last twelve games.

Slovan started like the party. Already after 55 seconds, defender Breton scored the first goal in Slovan’s shirt after the exchange from Banská Bystrica, when he penalized Mráz’s exclusion with an accurate shot. Gašpar won the discus for another 21 seconds, and Kytnár immediately passed him to Sukeľ and scored the home team’s second goal. Then the match ended, and the guests also got a chance. They managed to reduce the goal in the 13th minute, when, after blocking the Windsor goal, Bata hit the goal building and Camernesi was unable to catch up.

At the start of the second half, Slovan played the power game again, but this time Williams was threatened by a Valach shot in a five-for-five match. Then the guest goalkeeper stood out after Jääskeläinen’s shot and the Dukla players later looked forward to Mráz’s goal. Michalovce seemed to run higher, but Jääskeläinen reassured Slovan again with a 3:1 goal. Jogan had another goal on the stick, but only reached Rabozzi before the end of the second act.

Hockey players left from Slovan shooter
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Source: TASR / Martin Baumann

Slovan took a three-goal lead in the 42nd minute, when Bock hit an open goal from a great angle. Duklu delighted the fans in the 51st minute of the match when he overcame the entire opposition central defense and scored a 1 – 0 equalizer. Bok reached Galampush and easily pulled one back into goal. Keränen also penalized the home team’s leniency after a minute and a half, when he acclimated to 4:4 after the end. However, Slovan finally scored three points, and his victory was sealed by defender Julian with a precise shot into the top corner of the goal. It happened just 102 seconds after Keränen’s goal.

HC Slovan Bratislava – HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce 5:4 (2:0, 2:1, 1:3)
Goals: 1. Britton (Harris, Takat), 2. Sukic (Kitnar, Jasper), 29. Yaskelainen (Harris, Takach), 39. Rabozy (Hashak, Gachulink), 54. Julian (Hashak, Yogan) – 27 Mraz (Žitný, Cameranesi), 42. Buc (Kukuča, Macejko), 51. Galamboš (Regenda), 53. Keränen (Regenda, Suja). Referees: De Konk Sr., Novak-Hajnik, De Konk Jr. Commentary: 2:5 for 2 minutes Strength-Reinforcements: 1:0 Weakness:0:0 No spectators

cellophane: Windsor – Mackenzie, Bretton, Julian, Sirsen, Valach, Meyer, Gacholink, Beňo – Haščák, Rapuzzi,, Jogan – Jääskeläinen, Harris, Takáč – Gašpar, Kytnár, Sukeľ – otek, Bezák, Urbánek

Michalovtsy: Williams – Bokroš, Macejko, Pavlin, Stripai, Bača, Gajdoš, Lačný – itný, Cameranesi, Mráz – Regenda, Suja, Keränen – Galamboš, Buc, Kukuča – Mašlonka, Hajnik, Chalupa

Kosice also fell in the derby match with Prešov

The hockey players from HC GROTTO Prešov won the 28th round of the Tipos Extraliga on the ice at HC Košice 4: 2. This was their third straight win, while the Steelmakers had not scored in the previous three games. Both teams have 38 points each, and Kosice’s team is in seventh place thanks to a better result ahead of Prešov.

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The residents of Prešov had a perfect start to the match, taking a 1:0 lead from the third minute. Tomas Noch managed to deal with defender Del in the central area, and after escaping, he beat goalkeeper Kochareshan. McPherson immediately got a promising opportunity to equalize, but he did not surprise Bisbal. Klhůfek managed to do it in the 13th minute, when Šedivý had a shot at – 1: 1. However, the guests regained a lead of 61 seconds. Čacho bravely attempted a header and the ball was hit hard by the forehead for Welychka.

The second period brought up hockey and power-ups for both teams, however, the outcome did not change. Kosice’s team pressed in the 32nd minute, but Presov’s defense did not leave them in the opportunity. The guests threatened to break up, but they often failed in their childhood.

Even at the beginning of Part Three, both teams had the power to play, but again without much chance. The score changed in the 48th minute during a five-on-five match. Welychka entered into a short escape in which he beat Košarišan – 1: 3. But the host team trimmed it by one minute, when the Slovak team finished cooperation with McPherson – 2: 3. The victory of the guests was conclusively confirmed by Aurel Nauš after he finished the quick work of the people of Prešov . In the end, Kosice’s team entered the match without a goalkeeper, during which the team settled against Bisbal, but they could not overcome him.

HC Kosice – HC GROTTO Presov 2:4 (1:2, 0:0, 1:2)
Goals: 13. Klhovik (Chidevi, Mrzyk), 49. Slovak (McPherson, Snojerod) – 3. T. Noch (Klima), 14. Willicka (Chacho, A. Nosh), 48. Willicka (er. Nosh, Svoda). , 57. A. Nosh (Čacho, Welychka). Referees: ák, Štefik – evčík, Šoltés, Commentary: 3:2 for 2 minutes, Strength and Weakness increase: 0:0, No spectators

Kosice: Košarišťan – Deyl, Snuggerud, Romančík, edivý, Saucerman, Cibák, Novota – Bartánus, Slovák, McPherson – Pereskokov, Chovan, Paršin – Klhůfek, Linet, Mrázik – Rogoň, Havrila, Jokeľ

Preshov: Bespalov – Ragnoha, Ťavoda, Růžika, F. Fekiač, Turan, Glazkov – Welychka, Čacho, A. Nauš – Lialka, imun, Michnáč – Lalík, Zagrapan, T. Nauš – Klíma, V. Fekiač, Žilka

Hudec arranged Dukla’s victory by three

In Wednesday’s match of Round 28 of the Tepos Super League, Dukla Trenčín hockey players beat HK Poprad 5:2 thanks to a hat-trick of second offensive winger Denis Hodic. Dukla was able to beat Podtatrance in his third duel of the season.

The host team took the lead in the third minute. Shellak was unable to keep Tibor’s powerful kick in the right circle and Mahboub scored well in front of goal, scoring in his second substitution in Dukla’s shirt. The Bundrum was quickly threatened by the guests, but he failed several times before Valent. Dukla withstood the opponent’s attack and hit again, Valach passed in front of goal completely free of D. Hudec and beat Ziljak. The opening third also brought other chances for the home team players, but in the end it was the guests who managed to cut 11 seconds before the siren. Vandas received a good pass in front of goal, but raised the ball high.

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In the 23rd minute, Lemkeho passed the pass through the defenders of Poprad players and stopped the puck from the crossbar from Ziljak’s goal. The host team did not slow down in the second half and their dynamic attacking match celebrated success even in the third. At the end of the weakness, D. Hudec got the pass in blue and finished the single escape with a shot in Čiliak’s kick. Krajovic and Sojic could increase their progress, but their chances remained untapped. Poprad’s attempt to return to the match was only platonic. The closest goal for Arnel was in the 39th minute of the match.

The away team improved the score to 4-1, with Ully scoring the net, well prepared by playing on the left in the 44th minute of the match. Immediately, finding himself on this occasion, Skokan Valent held his team with a remarkable tangible intervention. In the 52nd minute, a big moment came for Dr. Hodic, who culminated in his excellent performance with the third goal. From his lead by three goals, he managed to score only two goals by 18 seconds thanks to Svetan, who enjoyed Valanta. The Poprad people felt an opportunity, at the end threw their forces into the attack and tried their luck even during a long play of strength without a goalkeeper, but they could not dramatize the duel. On the other hand, one second before the end, Lemcke achieved the victory of the home team with a shot at the empty goal across the entire rink – 5: 2.

HK Dukla Trencin – HK Poprad 5:2 (2:0, 1:0, 2:2)
Goals: 3. Mahbod (Tybor, Lemcke), 8. D. Hudec (Valach, Honzek), 27. D. Hudec, 52. D. Hudec (Valach, Honzek), 60. Lemcke – 45. Ully (Bondra), 52. Svetana (Skokan). Judges: Friedrich, Stano-Vishnei, Junk Disqualification: 4:3 for 2 minutes, Power-ups and Weaknesses: 0:0, No spectators

Trenchin: Valent – Limek, Kudla, Mayor, Nemchik, Chuvan, Crinon, Martiska – Berisha, Mahbod, Tybor – D. Hudec, Valach, Honzek – Krajčovič, Sojčík, Rehuš – Beták, Švec, Stránsky – Vaňo

Poprad: Ziliak (41. Tomic) – Pryjak, Dargoy, Rimcha, Dalhuisin, Novagovsky, Ulrich, M. Hodic – Livingston, Skokan, Svetana – Vandas, Arniel, Ole – Petras, Mlinarovic, Bondra-Demo, Paluchko, Kondrick

swept netra liptov

HK Nitra hockey players were victorious in Wednesday’s home game of round 28 of the Tipos Extraliga over MHk 32 Liptovský Mikuláš 7:2. Striker Samuel Boczyk took part in the big win with a hat-trick.

The score changed for the first time after 63 seconds, when Pajtic prevailed after Vošvrd hesitated. The first third did not provide a deceptive performance, as Liptov focused on the defense, reducing the accuracy of passes. Obdržálek had a chance to advance O’Connor’s impressive lead down the left but that opportunity was squandered when his shot went over the bar in the 12th minute.

In the 24th minute, Nitra’s defense fell and Paluchko rushed into the break, but O’Connor quickly caught him. He also kept his team on the other side of Vošvrd after Bajtek’s backhand bluff. But in the 29th minute, the Czech goalkeeper managed to collect it for the second time from Buček’s hockey stick. In the 35th minute, he put Hernca in 3:0 and it seemed like Nitra could finish the match easily. The home team’s cut achieved a reduction goal before leaving for the cabins with a reduction goal – 3:1.

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He gave Liptov self-confidence and with increasing vigor he managed to catch the teams in goal. In the 46th minute, the guests ended Nitra’s defense and captain Krishka reduced. But the “Corgoni” were not afraid of this moment and did not allow another drama. They scored up to three goals in less than two minutes. Raskob, Bojek, and Rookwood prevailed. In the 57th minute, he closed at 7: 2 with the third goal in the Buček match.

HK Nitra – MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas 7:2 (1:0, 2:1, 4:1)
Goals: 2. Pajtek (Herenka, Bobak), 29. Bocek (Holysinski, Raskob), 35. Hrenca (Budak, Volko), 53. Raskob (Pajtek, Rookwood), 54. Bokek (Budak, Ballack), 54. Rookwood (Varga), 57. Buček (Mezei) – 39. epelev (Paločko, Salija), 46. Kriška (Varttinen, Hovorka) Judges: Adamec, Snášel – Jedlička, Ordzovensk, Commentary: 3:2, Weightlifting: 0:1 , weaken: 0: 0, no spectators

Nitra: O’Connor – Mezei, Bayonet, varný, Raskob, Navel, Rais – Buček, Baláž, Holešinský – Tvrdoň, Rockwood, R. Varga – Bajtek, Mug, Volko – Múčka, ramaty, Drábek – Molnár

Liptovsky Mikulas: Vošvrda (54. Kozel) – Varttinen, Ventelä, Šepelev, Salija, Mezovský, Krempaský, Feherpataky – Handlovský, Hovorka, Kriška – Obdržálek, Kalousek, J.

Sleeping on the ice at home is successful

HK Spišská Nová Ves hockey players beat HC Nové Zámky 4: 0 in Wednesday’s match of round 28 of the Tipos Super League. The Hurricanes spanned a three-game winning streak and finished sixth in the incomplete table.

The victory over Slovan put Spišiakov in the role of favorite of the match and from the opening bull they began to confirm it. In the 7th minute, Giľak took advantage of Petgrave’s pass and opened the scoring. The guests had the opportunity to tie in two consecutive games of strength, but they did not defeat Milicherk. The scorers doubled the lead in the 24th minute, and Strauch slipped past the winger and did not give Bacall a chance – 2: 0. In the second part, Jake also triumphed, scoring his second goal of the match. The biggest obstacle for the guests was goalkeeper Milicherk, whose team grabbed many opponents and kept a clean sheet. The victory of the home team was achieved by Nieminen, who succeeded in a single escape in the 53rd minute after penetrating the puck – 4: 0.

HK Spisska Nova Ves – HC Nove Zamky 4:0 (1:0, 2:0, 1:0)
Goals: 7. Jijak (petgrave), 24. Štrauch, 35. Jak (petgrave), 53. Nimnin (Koro, Atwal). Decision: Spruce, Flight – Dormes, Oroline, Elimination: 3:1 for 2 minutes, Power-ups and Weaknesses: 0:0, No spectators

facebook: Melchirk – Atwal, Romashak, Ordzhovensky, Petgrave, Ole – Biondry, Malina, Cesanek – Hamrachik, Teksinsky, Jake – Rabash, Vartovnik, Salituro – Tomala, Orko, Neminin – Koru

Novi Zamki: Bakala – Holenda, Kozak, Fereta, Bull, Hatala, Ligas, Toth, Roman – Klempa, iška, Fetkovič – Barto, Števuliak, Langkow – Ferenyi, Kurbatov, Varga – išovský, Jackson, Ondrušek

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