January 21, 2022

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Hitman 3 Year 2 ponúka Roguelike Mode, Ray Tracing / XeSS na PC, Trilogy Hitting Game Pass

Hitman 3 Year 2 ponúka Roguelike Mode, Ray Tracing / XeSS na PC, Trilogy Hitting Game Pass

Hitman 3 was one of the best games of 2021 and fortunately, IO Interactive doesn’t let Agent 47 in 2022 run until the night. Today they announced a slew of content for Year 2, including new ways to play and new maps. . The game will also receive some technical improvements on PC, including ray tracing and XeSS support, and yes, the entire Hitman trilogy will soon be available on Xbox Game Pass. You can watch the entire Hitman 3 Year 2 revelation stream below, provided you have about 15 minutes of free time. Otherwise, simply scroll down for details.

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Perhaps the biggest addition to Hitman 3 Year 2 is the Freelancer mode, a new way of playing where players must complete a series of missions with random items. The mode will also bring you a new Safehouse where you can store your favorite items and get ready for missions. In addition to Freelancer mode, IC is also making some changes to Elusive Targets – Get an overview of all the new ways to play, less.

Hitman by the piece

Freelancer is a new single-player mode in HITMAN 3 that offers roguelics-like features, strategy planning, and a customizable safe.

Let’s start by checking out one of the new maps coming to HITMAN 3 in Year 2: Agent 47’s Safehouse. This playable space is a completely different kind of place and we’ve never built anything like this before. It’s customizable and allows you to choose exactly what kind of Hitman you are (or want to be Agent 47!). As you progress in Freelancer, more Safehouse areas will unlock and new customization options will become available. You can configure and customize the shelter to your exact specifications and spend as much time there as you want. Whether you want to choose a new suit, display and test your weapons in the shooting range or change the decoration, anything is possible. The Safehouse is also an important place, as all the pre-mission planning is done there.

After the safe house review, it’s time to act. 47 will have access to the Quest Center where they will be able to view all the independent campaigns currently available, each representing a prominent criminal enterprise in the World of Assassination. It is up to you which campaign to choose, and each one leads you to a global campaign in the places of your choice. For each campaign, you must choose the order in which you want to play the missions. After each mission, you’ll return to a safe house to replenish supplies, replenish supplies, and strategically plan your next move. No matter where you leave to the end, it will be where you defeat the business leader. Blow it up, get rid of it, and the campaign is complete. You get paid and you go back to your hiding place.

Campaign assignments have been redesigned to fit the system of independent work. For example, the locations will have new types of NPCs that can either help you or hinder your progress. Vendors will offer a selection of weapons and items that you can acquire to increase your chances of success, while other non-playable characters will alert the leaders and make your job difficult. In addition to these NPCs, there are many other features that will make your indie campaigns unique. You will be able to find safes, hidden hiding places and even other character killers.

Unlike the main Hitman campaign, your Freelancer gear is not permanent. Everything you bring on a mission and don’t return to a safe house will be lost. (If you previously thought you were connected to your Silverballer, wait until you leave it at Dartmoore and it’s gone. Forever.) Finding equipment at a supplier is one way to replenish supplies or replace lost treasure. Consumables such as explosives or poison syringes will also need to be replenished since there is no ICA inventory in Freelancer.

Elusive lane goal

There are many important opportunities in this mode: each Arcade nodes now give you the task of destroying elusive successive targets, decade by decade. Each of them must be completed in order to be able to move on to the next – if there are other complications added to the contract. If you fail at any point in the Arcade agreement, there will be a 12-hour ban before you can retry the agreement from the beginning. This lock allows us to maintain the high stakes gameplay that is the hallmark of Elusive Targets, while giving players clear information about when they will be able to play a particular elusive target again.

Crucially, arcade contracts are permanent additions to HITMAN 3. When we add them to the game, they don’t go away. Our goals with this game system are; Give players a chance to engage and play Elusive Target content often, provide a new challenge to long-term players in Elusive Target game mode, and create a new type of recurring content that rewards players with desired unlocks. When HITMAN 3 – Year 2 begins on January 20, the Arcade will open with a total of 3 arcade contracts, each containing elusive objectives from a specific game in the World of Assassination trilogy.

IO is also releasing a new map codenamed “Rocky”. Not many details were revealed, but based on the following screenshot, it looks like a playground on a tropical island.

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Hitman 3 Winter Roadmap presents Santa Agent 47 and other content

As mentioned, the PC version receives a number of technical improvements, including packet tracking, XeSS support, and variable speed shaders. For those interested, Hitman 3 already includes bundle tracking on both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The entire Hitman Trilogy game will soon be available in VR on PC (previously a PSVR exclusive).

Finally, you’ll soon get new ways to access the latest adventures of Agent 47. IO Interactive has announced a new Hitman Trilogy bundle that will be available on all platforms (this time, including Steam) and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day 1.

Hitman 3 is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Stage and Switch (via the cloud). The Hitman Trilogy bundle launches on all platforms and Game Pass on January 20, along with support for PC VR and Elusive Target Arcade. Freelancer mode will launch this spring and technical improvements for PC and the Rocky map will come “later in 2022.”